Salesforce unleashes cross-cloud technology, Customer 360

Salesforce unleashes cross-cloud technology, Customer 360

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Customer 360 will endow Unified Customer Experience to businesses.

Salesforce, the leading Customer Relationship Management platform, has announced Salesforce Customer 360, a novel way for companies to connect Salesforce apps and deliver unified cross-channel customer experiences. As per Salesforce’s vision for the Customer Success Platform, Customer 360 will help companies move beyond an app- or department-specific view of every entity by making it easier to create a single, holistic customer profile to inform every interaction. By placing the customer at the center of the business, Customer 360 will enable firms to usher in dynamic new customer engagement models. Reportedly, Customer 360 will be available in 2019.

Bret Taylor, President, and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce, stated, “As consumers, we know when a brand has gone the extra mile to deliver an amazing cross-channel experience, but creating that single view of the customer is extremely challenging for any company to do consistently.” He added, “Customer 360 will make it easier for companies to bring service, commerce, and marketing together to deliver the unified experiences that their customers demand –with clicks, not code.”

Customer 360 eases customers’ pain

About 70 percent of Salesforce customers say that connected experiences are very crucial to succeed in their business. They expect a consistent experience when connecting with a company. The disconnected experiences are too common occurrences, happening because firms do not have all the relevant information readily available. On other hand, Customer-facing employees lack a unified customer record, resulting in a fragmented view of each customer. Traditional methods used to unify customer data require extensive IT resources and are difficult to change when organizations need to deliver new personalized customer experiences quickly. Companies need a new way to empower their organizations to manage and create connected customer experiences to provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

One tap UI, 360 ID and much more

Customer 360 is a cluster of powerful platform services that enhance data management across Salesforce apps. One-tap User Interface for Salesforce apps and data management will allow companies to have a straightforward, secure way to find their customer data. The reconciled 360 ID and single profile across Salesforce apps will make it easier than ever to access. Pre-built packages for Service, Marketing and Commerce will allow companies to quickly deploy experiences for the most common use cases. According to Salesforce, “The concept of the single customer view is not new, but how Salesforce will deliver that view is.”



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