Amazon to enter Prefabricated-Home building, invests in Plant Prefab

Amazon to enter Prefabricated-Home building, invests in Plant Prefab

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Alexa Fund invests in Plant Prefab to make smart homes

Amazon has recently declared that its Alexa Fund has taken a stake in Plant Prefab, a construction startup, that uses automation technologies to make home building more efficient. Plant Prefab, a southern California based company, uses sustainable construction processes and materials to build prefabricated custom single and multifamily houses. The move takes Amazon another step ahead to secure dominance in the smart home sector. According to a Market Research, by 2022, the smart home market is expected to grow into a $53 billion industry.

Amazon entered in the manufactured-home industry for the first time and the Alexa Fund, which typically is in startups focused on voice technology. Amazon has shown its immense desire to put its Alexa smarthome devices everywhere in people’s houses. Recently, it has launched more than a dozen Alexapowered smart home devices, such as; Alexa Voice Assistant controlled microwave oven and an amplifier. Earlier in 2018, Amazon acquired the smart doorbell maker Ring. Reportedly, Amazon is working on a secretive home robot too.

Paul Bernard, Director of the Alexa Fund, stated, “Voice has emerged as a delightful technology in the home, and there are now more than 20,000 Alexacompatible smart home devices from 3,500 different brands.” Speaking about Plant Prefab, Paul added, “Plant Prefab is a leader in home design and an emerging, innovative player in home manufacturing,” and “We are thrilled to support as they make sustainable, connected homes more accessible to customers and developers.”

Pre-fabricated homes for everyone

For a long time, the manufacturedhome industry has been associated with producing inexpensive houses built for people with lower income. A recent move by startups like Plant Prefab has set out to alter that by working with architects to develop highend designs that cater to wealthier customers who demand modern finishes and environmentfriendly materials for a house.

Steve Glenn, CEO, Plant Prefab, said, “More people are looking for costeffective alternatives” to sitebuilt homes in urban areas. “We’re focused on that market, and ultimately, we’re out to build the first trusted, reliable national brand.”

Build a home at $160,000

Many of Plant Prefab’s standard homes cost less than $500,000, delivered and assembled, according to estimates on the company’s website. The priciest is a 3,100squarefoot, fivebedroom house structured by California architect, Ray Kappe, estimated at $1.23 million. The minimal expensive is a 400squarefoot, onebedroom accessory dwelling unit, intended to install on an existing singlefamily lot for about $160,000.

Plant Prefab wants to offer its customers such tools, when people order a home from the company, they can customize it much the way they would choose the features on a new car. CEO, Glenn said, “In the nottoodistant future there will be home automation and smarthome technology that’s part of that.”



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