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20 Resale Apps That will Make Your Life Better in 2024

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Have you ever wondered what to do with the items you don’t need or use anymore? Do you want to make some extra cash by selling them online? Or do you want to find unique and affordable items that you can’t find anywhere else? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in resale apps.

Resale apps are online platforms that allow you to buy and sell second-hand items easily and conveniently. They offer many benefits and opportunities for both sellers and buyers, such as decluttering, earning, saving, reducing waste, discovering new styles, and connecting with others

What are Resale Apps?

Resale apps are basically for vending goods. Most of the time, an individual has a collection of various products, and those products are either not being utilized or are spending a good amount of time in the cupboard. Besides, there is a possibility that someone is looking for a specific product at an affordable price. In such a case, one can upload a product in decent condition to available resale apps.

Why do we need resale apps?

Fast fashion has come under fire for its negative environmental impact, from water pollution to greenhouse gas emissions. With the rising cost of living, people are looking for ways to save money. Whether you’re selling items you no longer need or want or you are looking to turn reselling into a side hustle, resale apps can be a valuable tool. The younger generation is utilizing resale apps to balance their budget without compromising on quality. These are just a few selected reasons why there is a need for reselling apps globally.


Top Resale apps for vendors and buyers

1. OfferUP

image of offerup

Goods to sell: Electronics, home décor, musical instruments, crockery, etc.

Available on: Google Play, Apple Store, and the official website

Conditions to Remember

  • Each user should have an account.
  • Don’t use a disposable email address.
  • To post on OfferUp, don’t utilize emulators or third-party sites.
  • When making your account and personalized profile link, represent oneself in a neighborly manner.

OfferUp is a mobile marketplace app that connects buyers and sellers in your local community. Think of it as a virtual garage sale with endless aisles and incredible deals, where you can score pre-loved treasures or declutter your home and make some cash. OfferUP can assist in building a connection with local buyers. The application will provide multiple products for sale. The products range from electronic items to home décor. One can find an ideal buyer as well. OfferUP has a feature where one can compare individuals for buying and selling purposes. The feature is useful and helpful in picking an ideal choice. Additionally, you can chat directly with buyers and sellers to negotiate prices and arrange meet-ups

2. Vinted

Image of vinted

Goods to sell: Clothes, toys, and home-related items. 

Available on: Apple store, google play, and desktop browsers

Conditions to remember

  • Buyer and seller have different interfaces.
  • Buyer has to register, he can chat as well as bargain on the application. It can customize the feed as well.
  • Seller has to register, create a profile and post a good quality picture of the product.

Vinted is specifically created for clothing and accessories. One can find potential buyers and has the privilege to acquire clothes from a wide variety. This resale app has been used by numerous people. Everyone including mothers, sisters are offering choices in the app. Moreover, this is an ideal shopping application for ladies belonging to different age groups.

3. eBay

image of ebay

Goods to sell: Electronics, cars, clothes, and collectibles. 

Available on: iOS, Android, and desktop browsers.

Conditions to remember

  • eBay has strict policies, so you need to abide by them.
  • One can block buyers, who haven’t initiated payment and have violated eBay policies.

eBay is among the most famous applications and is considered the best resale app for consumer-to-consumer selling. eBay allows users to create a list in an auction manner and can set a price list as well. It has many payment options, so one doesn’t need to worry about the transaction methods. One can also establish themselves as a recognized buyer. It has diverse product categories, which allow it to sell anything from clothing and electronics to collectibles and cars. The eBay app is a powerful tool for reselling, offering a vast reach, diverse features, and scalability. However, understanding its fees, competition, and complexities is crucial for success.

4. Craigslist

image of Craigslist

Goods to sell: Electronics, cars, high-end furniture, and power tools.

Available on: Apple store and google play, and desktop browser.

Conditions to remember

  • Create your account and you are ready to sell as well buy products.
  • Never transfer payment electronically, prefer paying in cash.
  • You can ensure the quality of the product, by meeting in person.

Craigslist is an America-based website, where buyers can find second hang products from local sellers. The website is available for regions including Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. The website provides every kind of goods from perfume, clothes, electronic devices, home décor, etc. Craigslist is a reliable platform, which helps one earn the desired amount. One can find a workplace as well. However, one should remain vigilant, whilst buying or selling a product.

5. Hewi

image of hewi resale app

Goods to sell:  Handbag, clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Available on: Desktop browser

Conditions to remember

  • Never transfer payment electronically, prefer paying in cash.
  • You can ensure the quality of the product, by meeting in person.
  • Hewi specifically handles the selling process, so vendors can simply post products online.

Hewi is an acronym for hardly ever worn it. This resale app is offering multiple sales to the customers. Hewi has been working in a collaboration with Vogue and Sotheby’s. Furthermore, this is a London-based company, offering VIP services to celebrities and royalties.

6. Gumtree

image of gumtree resale app

Goods to sell: Car, bike, accessories, electronic devices, dresses.

Available on: Apple store, google play, and official website.

Conditions to remember

  • Gumtree or Gumtree’s copyrights and trademarks may not be copied, modified, or distributed.
  • Adhere to the policies.
  • You cannot distribute spam, chain letters, and make money through schemes.

Gumtree is a U.K based application, it allows customers to acquire and vend goods locally. About 14 million consumers are utilizing Gumtree. One can sell cars, furniture, and other goods. To pitch a product, you need to create a description with pictures. The buyers can place an order by reaching you through messaging or over a phone call. Advertisements regarding jobs can be posted to assist local buyers and people within the community.

7. Facebook

image of facebook resale app

Goods to sell: Clothes, electronic gadgets, housing, vehicles.

Available on: Apple store, google play, and web browser.

Conditions to remember

  • Order must be shipped within 30 days and received within 7 days.
  • BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, ShipStation, Shopify, Zentail, Quipt, and CommerceHub are among eCommerce platforms that a synced with Facebook.

Facebook is comprised of communities and marketplaces, where one can buy and resale products online. Another procedure to sell goods is by creating a business account, where you can post the list of items available. Whilst buying or selling a product, one must ensure if the buyer or seller are genuine ones. This will help prevent fraud and inconvenience.

8. Instagram

image of instagram resale app

Goods to sell: Clothes, electronic gadgets, pets, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.

Available on: Apple store, google play, and web browser.

Conditions to remember

  • Comply with your policies.
  • Be located in a supported market.
  • Show trustworthiness.
  • Provide the right information.
  • Do not engage in any kind of fraud.

Instagram is comprised of numerous local vendors. This online application provides a wide list of resale sellers, who allow decent services. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags, watches, cellphones, laptops, cosmetics, organic items at a reasonable price. Before selecting a vendor, make sure to read the reviews available in the stories. The captions are a good source to gain information as well. Instagram vendors provide an opportunity to buy multiple items at a reasonable price. So, this can be an ideal place to find cheap and preferred goods.

9. Poshmark

image of poshmark resale app

Goods to sell: Electronic gadgets, wearables, cars.

Available on: Apple store, google play, and web browser.

Conditions to remember

  • If you have encountered any risks, Poshmark will not responsible.
  • If you are not active on the website, your account will be deactivated.
  • Poshmark does not endorse or advertise, it is the seller’s responsibility.

If you are into fashion, you will enjoy buying and selling products on Poshmark. This is an ideal marketplace. Users can create a free account and have the privilege to acquire goods from recognized brands. The fact that one can categorize the desired goods is satisfying and has made reselling an easy process. This application is user-friendly and has been utilized by almost 10 million users.

10. ThredUp

image of thredup resale app

Goods to sell: Clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Available on: Apple store, Google Play, and web browser.

Conditions to Remember

  • Items can be bid 12 hours before the listing process.
  • You cannot bid on your item or an item listed by a seller whom you know. 
  • You can only cancel a bid under specific circumstances by contacting Customer Support.

Are you bored with wearing the same clothes and looking for potential sellers and buyers? If you are, then this is an ideal place to buy and sell garments, a wide variety of clothes. If you are a seller, then this is a convenient way to vend goods. Moreover, acquiring second-hand clothes of good quality is a privilege. ThredUp allows users to exchange clothes with a company with a decent donation. This is a safe way to gain profit.

11. Decluttr

image of decluttr app

Goods to sell: CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, games & consoles, tech.

Available on: Apple store, Google Play, and web browser.

Conditions to Remember

  • It pays most for the tech.
  • All orders get free shipping.
  • Payments are made the next business day.

Are you a bibliophilic or a video game lover? Well, Decluttr allows an individual to sell and buy DVDs, video games along with second-hand books. One can utilize it easily, just download the application and get started with the work. You can try selling the desired product, which has the highest probability to be sold.

12. Worthy

image of worthy app

Goods to sell: Jewelry, Watches.

Available on: Official website

Conditions to Remember

  • Order will only be placed upon successful completion of the product investigation.

Worthy is a place, where you can sell watches and jewelry. The seller can choose an item of his/her choice, the item will be inspected via a gemologist. After inspection, the company will clean the item and you will be able to take a look at the pictures. Later, the item is auctioned and it helps the seller to decide the required price. Besides, after completion of the entire procedure, the company will acquire a percentage as a commission and the seller will receive an amount as well.

13. LetGo

image of  LetGo app

Goods to sell: Electronics, cars, clothing, decoration.

Available on: Apple store, Google Play, and official website.

Conditions to Remember

  • To utilize all or part of the Service, you need to register.
  • Any username, password, or other information you submit to it while registering may be rejected or required to be changed.
  • If you feel your account credentials have been compromised, you must apprise them immediately.

As its name implies, LetGo is an online marketplace for letting go of stuff you no longer need. There is a wide variety of products in this marketplace including large items like used automobiles and furnishings, as well as smaller preowned items such as video games and gadgets. This marketplace has over 200 million postings and millions of users, so it’s a convenient way to earn money from second-hand items. You can also use this time to declutter your home.

14. Nextdoor

image of nextdoor

Goods to sell: Grocery, clothes, home décor.

Available on: Apple store and Google Play

Conditions to Remember

  • Be considerate of your neighbors.
  • Do not make any distinctions.
  • Appropriately discuss critical issues.
  •  Properly promote local commerce
  • Use your real name.
  •  Avoid engaging in dangerous activities.

In years past, neighbors often dropped by each other’s houses to ask for items they needed, or to borrow sugar or flour. By using Nextdoor, you can communicate with people in your neighborhood and receive recommendations for goods and services. Furthermore, you’ll be able to support local businesses and purchase goods from local sellers.

15. Tradesy

image of tradesy

Goods to sell: Designer bags, shoes, clothes.

Available on: Apple store, Google Play

Conditions to Remember

  • Unless you purchase through one of Tradesy’s in-house accounts, Tradesy is not directly involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers.
  • Tradesy makes no representations as to a user’s genuine identity, age, nationality, or other characteristics indicated in their profile.
  • Tradesy invites you to use the tools on the Website or mobile app to contact directly possible transaction partners.

Tradesy’s website is a convenient place to find discount prices on designer labels. People who are interested in fashion use the app, and those who want to buy can sign up for notifications about upcoming arrivals or sales. Sellers can easily use the app to list their products.

16. Depop

image of depop

Goods to sell: Shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Available on: Apple store, Google Play.

Conditions to Remember

  • You can use its Service to sell your products by uploading photos of the items you want to sell. A “Sale Transaction” occurs when a user of the Service purchases a Sale Item.
  • Only Depop’s third-party payment providers, PayPal or Depop Payments via Stripe, are accepted for sale transactions (where Depop makes the latter option available to you, acting in its sole discretion).
  • You must connect a verified PayPal account to your Account to post an item for sale.

Depop, a U.K. firm, is such a popular marketplace that it even has a meme account that documents buyers and sellers making hilarious transactions. Though you may not be familiar with this app, it’s a handy place to buy and sell just about anything, but primarily clothes and accessories. 

17. Mercari

image of  mercari

Goods to sell: Home decor, vintage & collectibles, electronics.

Available on: Apple store, Google Play.

Conditions to Remember

  • People who cause or threaten to harm Mercari’s reputation are not permitted.
  • People who result in or generate a considerable risk of chargebacks, penalties, damages, or other harm or liabilities are not permitted to use Mercari.

Mercari is a Japanese app that will quickly become your go-to place for buying and selling a variety of items. There are a variety of things available, so if you want to get rid of old clothes or even electronics, here is the place to go.

18. 5Miles

image of 5Miles

Goods to sell: Clothes, shoes, home appliances, and accessories.

Available on: Apple store, google play.

Conditions to remember

  • You are not permitted to download the application, register, or create an account with us if you are not an adult.
  • To use the Services, all minors must get permission from their legal representative.
  • You should not use a name that you do not have permission to use or another person’s name with the goal to impersonate that person as your 5miles User ID.

Local buying and selling have never been easier owing to applications like 5Miles. The idea behind this platform is to enable users to read classified ads from their local region using their phone’s GPS position. It prides itself on being free and safe while assisting you in finding a wide choice of new or used goods or services in your neighborhood.

19. TheRealReal

image of TheRealReal

Goods to sell: Designer clothes, bags, and jewelry.

Available on: Official website.

Conditions to Remember

  • You are not permitted to access or use the Service if you are under the age of 18.
  • If Your Account has been suspended or removed by it for any reason, you are not entitled to use the Service.

TheRealReal is an excellent app for selling high-end products, and we all know how expensive designer clothing can be. It is also one of the most reputable consignment firms for actual things because specialists examine and go through a multi-point process.

20. Vestiaire Collective

image of Vestiaire Collective

Goods to sell: Bags, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches.

Available on: Apple store, Google Play.

Conditions to Remember

  • By the Referral Rules, any User of the Web Site may sponsor a third party for that third party to profit from the Products and services offered on the Web Site and to register on the Web Site.
  • It is the responsibility of the Users to ensure that all of their actions and User content posted on the website comply with all applicable laws.

Vestiaire Collective is the app you need to know about if you want a platform to sell your premium pre-owned products. There are a variety of high-end labels to pick from, including Celine, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

For your convenience

We hope the above list of 20 Resale Apps will save your time and will help you in reselling the products fasters. For your convenience, we have provided the availability of the apps. Assisting you further, below for further top frequently asked questions on Resale apps.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Resale Apps

1. Which resale app is best?

OfferUP, Poshmark, Decluttr, and 5 Miles best resale apps.

2. What is the most popular resale site?

TheRealReal, eBay, Depop.

3. What products can be resold?

One can sell clothes, bags, footwear, car, electronic devices, furniture, etc.

4. What apps can be used instead of OfferUP?

LetGo and Mercari can be a good alternative.

5. What app is the best resale app to sell stuff locally?

5Miles is the best resale app to sell stuff locally.

6. Which is the best resale app to sell stuff in your neighborhood?

Nextdoor is an ideal choice to sell stuff in your neighborhood.

7. What are the best reselling apps of 2023?

eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, and 5miles are the best resale apps of 2023.

8. Which are the best resale apps to sell unwanted items?

The above-listed apps are best to sell different variety of unwanted items.

9. Are resale apps secured?

Yes, the resale apps are completely secure.

10. Which is the best resale app in 2022?

Facebook marketplace, Depop, Mercari, and eBay are best apps of 2022.

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