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Remote Employees: How to Boost Their Motivation and Production

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The pandemic has changed how we work. Many companies now offer hybrid contracts that allow employees to work from home, while also coming into the office sporadically. Working from home carries its own challenges for both employees and managers though. Although there’s less fatigue without an early commute, it can sometimes be hard to concentrate fully at home. Below we explore how you can boost motivation and production.

Creating a sense of belonging

With many employees working from different places, it’s more important than ever before to make everyone feel like part of a team. One way you can try and achieve this is by creating an online community. Virtual conferencing software and collaboration tools can help your employees remain connected from their homes. 

Recognise employee achievements

When your employees perform well, it’s more important than ever before to recognise this success. This will help ensure that staff remain engaged with their work – they’ll know that they’re still having a positive impact. On video calls with your employees ensure that you make a point of praising good work and achievements from their personal lives.


Naturally, you might feel anxious that standards will slip with everyone working from home. But offering trust and space is usually more effective than keeping a strict eye on employees. Place emphasis on meeting goals rather than rigidly meeting a set number of hours of work. If you need to arrange video calls with employees try and arrange it for a good time during the working day, rather than at an anti-social time. 

Integrate non-work activities

In the office, there were moments and activities to enjoy away from work – it should be the same even with working from home. Just as you would discuss hobbies, personal news and your passions in the office, there needs to be a space for this online. This helps relieve stress and leaves everyone feeling connected. Ensure that people have some time at the end of video conferences to catch up or organise a virtual happy-hour (where drinking isn’t a necessity) once a week.


Working from home comes with its own challenges. You might have to chores to attend to during the day. Or you might have additional family time, or even just need a moment to walk the dog! Don’t stick strictly to set office hours – let everyone work to hours that suit their home life. 

Maintaining productivity for employees working from home can be difficult. But there are strategies to boost this. Managing staff virtually has also resulted in plenty of interim HR jobs becoming available, as companies and specialists look to adapt to the new normal. 

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