Steps Can Business Owners Take To Protect Their Property

What Steps Can Business Owners Take To Protect Their Property?

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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the average cost of a single incident of intentional property damage (legally known as vandalism) is around $3,370. The commonly reported reasons for vandalism include hatred towards the organization, punishment for a business, employee frustration, or other non-business-related issues.

As a result, business owners and stakeholders feel troubled by the possibility of their business experiencing such type of loss. Therefore, protecting property has become a priority for business owners. Below are some preventative measures that entrepreneurs can take to attain this purpose.

  • Keep The Property Clean And Organized

Unclean and disorganized properties often attract acts of vandalism and other premises-related threats such as theft and unauthorized access. It is because vandals presume the property to be vacant; thus, ideal for damage. Likewise, low-lit properties are also prone to avoidable damage. That’s why keeping the property clean, tidy, trash-free, and well-lit is recommended. It will help convince the vandals that people are present on the property, and they will get in immediate trouble by damaging the premises in any way.

  • Install Surveillance Cameras

Another crucial step is to install surveillance cameras in every nook and corner of the premises. It will help monitor every activity on the premises and help identify any suspicious person. Thereby, business owners can contact the person and learn the truth. In fact, surveillance cameras can be used to collect evidence if the damage has already happened. It will help in the identification of perpetrators and catching them.

  • Hire Armed Security Guards

The presence of armed security guards can help lower the chances of unauthorized access and intentional property damage to a great extent. Make sure that the armed security guards have firearm training and are qualified to work. Their training helps in the identification of possible threats and takes quick action to demobilize them. It will help maintain entry and exit points to check for irregularities and report the same to the necessary authorities.

  • Install Break-Resistant Glass

If the premises are designed with glass, the risk of criminals breaking in is quite high. Therefore, it is recommended to install break-resistant glass. They are generally coated with security film and are stronger than regular glass. Consequently, it is challenging for vandals to break in. It is particularly important if the business is established near city downtowns or low-income residents. If someone tries to destroy the property but fails to do so, entrepreneurs can use CCTV footage to catch the culprit.

  • Contact The Authorities

Last but most importantly, whether successful or not, report the incident to the police department as soon as possible. This way, the investigation will begin on time, and further damage to the business and property can be prevented. The police may also start to patrol the area to scare the vandals and create a hotline for quick incident reports.

To Sum It All Up

It’s the responsibility of entrepreneurs to identify every possible business threat and minimize it as much as possible. The measures mentioned above will help keep the vandals at bay, offering a sense of security to all the stakeholders.

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