Can UK Businesses Benefit

How Can UK Businesses Benefit From So Called Brain Gain Due to Global Immigration Rules?

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The increasingly relevant concept of “brain gain” is becoming a hot topic among business owners across the UK. The term describes the influx of trained individuals entering the workplace from abroad at a higher rate than those leaving for jobs overseas – the opposite of “brain drain”. With the UK continuing to be one of the most popular professional working destinations for migrants, and global immigration rules supporting this, staying one step ahead of this rising trend is crucial.

Read on as we break down the main ways in which UK-based businesses can benefit from the impact of global immigration. 

The Facilitation of Economic Growth

It is certified knowledge that working migrants contribute exponentially to the financial and general development of businesses up and down the UK. In many instances, expats have brought an incredible level of highly unique cultural skills, knowledge, ideas and innovative concepts to companies who invest in their employment. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that migrant workers are known to facilitate business growth in all sectors, from increasing various profit trajectories, to optimising diversity within the workplace.

Increased Globalisation

Another major advantage to employing those who have immigrated from overseas comes in the form of increased globalisation and accessibility throughout the brand they are working for. This is made all the easier by the ever expanding popularity of remote and flexible working.

For example, Microsoft Teams telephony is the new way of collaboration on Microsoft Teams enables effective voice and video calls from any location worldwide, meaning international employees don’t need to be based in the UK in order to join a UK-based business.  This, combined with investing in expat employees, is wonderful practice for any company looking to increase their general world-wide reach.

Introducing New Markets to Consumers

It has also been documented that migrant workers are extremely capable when it comes to introducing new markets and fresh conceptual ideas to prospective clientele. When collaborating with UK based businesses, overseas employees are able to give unique insight on what the global audience is looking for, and how to implement those ideas in the most innovative way possible. This may be due to their highly developed skill set and affinity for the roles they are applying for within the UK.

The Transference of Knowledge

One of the heavily topical key benefits to employing migrant workers that businesses have taken note of, is the opportunity for the transference of crucial knowledge that then increases business development exponentially. The effects of this were felt both directly via the migrant workers upskilling of their co-workers and expansion of their brand’s global database and indirectly; via impressive training methods and consistent innovation in their roles.

A Brief Overview

So, there you have a concise guide to how UK businesses might benefit from brain gain due to global immigration rules. Taking the above into account, it’s not difficult to see why prioritising a multicultural employee base can be extremely advantageous for any business or brand, no matter the industry or size. From the sharing of highly specified knowledge to the impressive qualifications often held by migrant workers, there are a lot of benefits to consider upon inquiring about their employment.

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