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The process of sourcing prototypes in China

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China is now the top hub of manufacturing goods and products at lower costs. It makes it a major attraction for numerous companies to get the best materials at nominal prices to ensure greater profits for their businesses. Consequently, if you are someone new in this field, you might find it confusing and difficult to manufacture and source prototypes in China. One of the significant barriers is the cultural and linguistic differences that harm the communication between you and your source. 

One of the major benefits of sourcing prototypes in China is that the cost of manufacturing is way lesser than usual. It will allow you to provide your goods at 30 to 50% less than your competitors are providing. Thus, you will have an extra edge over your competitors, with the chance of being at the top. Now that you know the importance of manufacturing prototypes in China, let us know the process of sourcing prototypes in china;

  • Step 1: Giving Your Product A Design

You cannot think of creating your product without having a design at hand. When we talk about creating a design for your product, it includes PCBA schematics, CAD drawings, and many more. If any, you can create a design for yourself through your professional team or hire some professional expert service to do the deed for you. 

Always remember to have the blueprint under your ownership. Refrain from hiring some Chinese company to design for you as they consider themselves the legitimate owner of the design.

  • Step 2: Check And Make Sure You Can Purchase Or Make All The Products

Once you are ready with the design, it is time to confirm whether you can manufacture or purchase every part in it. Only when all the products get assembled, the prototype will reach its completion. Here comes the importance of sourcing. The time needed for assembling the prototype depends on the complexity of its structure. At this stage, you will get confirmation about meeting your cost targets or other technical difficulties that might come your way. 

Here, you can opt for shortcuts to use less expensive plastic or fabric materials instead of getting all expensive items. Put your efforts into assembling when it comes to a crucial part around which the product’s functioning revolves. Efforts of a separate second assembly here will be worth it. 

  • Step 3: Assembling The Prototype

Next comes the very important step of putting the product together. Once you have all the necessary materials, start assembling the product. Keep a close watch on the feedback where you get to hear that two or more components are not fitting properly. Such instances call for immediate changes. During this stage, there might be a lot of discrepancies arising like;

  1. Issues with functions.
  2. Performance issues.
  3. Users are suffering from poor ergonomy.
  4. The product does not look good enough.

Prototyping and design iterations are the most-needed things in this stage to ensure that the problems get resolved.

  • Step 4: Accumulating Tools For Production

When you complete the prototype with all the necessary and appropriate tools, the next stage is tooling. You can order the tools to start the procedure to make the final product out of the prototype. A plastic mould for the need of a case can be a good example in this sector. Here you need to ensure that you have a legit and effective contract in hand to proceed further. Once everything is in place, you can begin with the tooling procedure.

  • Step 5: Conducting The Tests For Validations.

You cannot release a product until you are sure that it will perform perfectly. Here comes the importance of testing that will help validate whether your product is flawless for the customer to use. Conduct tests on the following sectors of your product;

  • The battery and safety of the product are under its compliance parameter.
  • Test its performance like its ability to endure stress.
  • Check how durable the product is and how robust it can be.
  •  Cross-check all the key features are a part of its usage. 

Numerous people try to jump into the production stage. Do not make this blunder, as performing checks can help you save money on the fixes you need to make later.

Now that you have an idea about the procedure of sourcing prototypes in China, start your functions. It will help you reach your goals in less time and with more effectiveness. 

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