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PMP certification: How to ace the Project Management Professional exam

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Getting the PMP certification gives a career boost. It is one of those exams that every professional wishes to crack in the first attempt. Various PMP certification courses are there, helping students to crack the exam and get PMP certification online. As challenging as it may sound, it only takes proper training and strategic preparation to get project management certification. Before giving you all the tips and tricks to get PMP certification online, let us understand what this exam is about.

PMP Certification

PMP is abbreviated to Project Management Professional. Project managers take the exam to get the industry-recognized certification in their field. Furthermore, it helps them significantly boost their career and introduce them to the project managers’ community globally. Project Management training helps the professionals to crack the exam and understand the global project management standards. A professional with project management certification gives the employer and the team an assurance that he knows what it takes to run the projects smoothly.

Prerequisites for Project Management Certification

Any professional must meet the following requirements before taking the exam for PMP certification:

  • Four years professional degree
  • At least 4500 hours of directly handling the projects
  • PMP certification courses for at least 35 hours.

Any professional who meets these requirements can take PMP training and give the exam. To take the exam is one thing, but to clear it another. Many professionals find it challenging to crack it and spend a lot of money on PMP certification costs. Let us dig deeper and find out the tips and tricks, using which it gets easier to get the certification.

Tip and Tricks to clear PMP certification exam

Create a Plan of Action

Any wish not followed by a proper plan of action will never take you anywhere. Before you go ahead and start your training, you must create a plan of action for yourself. Have clarity about your aim behind giving the exam and getting the certificate. Once you are sure why you need it, the next step is how to get it. Research every aspect of the certification and gather as much information as you can. Even if you feel that you know enough about the exam, research before finally getting the training is vital.

Choose from the PMP certification courses.

As you have decided to take up the exam, the next step is finding better resources and joining online courses. There are various options for institutes providing PMP training. Choosing the one that is the best fit for you is challenging. The best way to find it is to research and consult with different institutes. Moreover, consider the plan of action you made to ensure everything is in line with your goal.

Spend the 35 hours wisely

Taking up the course and spending 35 hours in training is a requisite before taking the final exam. But to ensure that you crack the exam on your first attempt, don’t spend these 35 hours for the sake of it.  Make the most of these hours and work to get maximum knowledge. There is a reason why this training is marked mandatory. Even the best managers recommend utilizing these 35 hours to the best to crack the exam.

Practice a lot

Irrespective of the fact that you are busy with work and occupied do not compromise with practice. You are sure to get resources like study material, test papers, and practice sheets from the training institute. Utilize this material and practice a lot more than you intend to. Strategize your actions and take out time from your busy schedule so that you can do justice to your preparation and better the chances of clearing the exam.

Network Better

Joining an institute also help network better. Only the project managers take this exam. Joining the best PMP training class means you get in direct contact with professionals around the world. It allows you to communicate, share ideas, and grow your network and eventually benefits you in your professional journey.

Keep up with the Strategy

The last tip is that, even if you feel like giving up at any point in time, keep your focus on it. Stay determined about keeping up with the strategy you made, no matter how much it takes to do that. Your professional commitments and a busy schedule will make you re-design the strategy, but be ready to adjust accordingly.

Using all these tips, you can easily ace the project management professional exam. Ensure that you have a clear mindset and strong will to put in all the required efforts. In the end, it is safe to say that better strategy, the best training, and a focused mind can help you crack the exam. Make sure you choose the training and resources wisely to plan a better strategy. Resources play a vital role in designing your journey, and a wrong approach can lead to failure. Stay focused and move towards your goal with a positive attitude and the best PMP training by your side.

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