Google's new feature for online education

Google Search adds a new feature to aid online education

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The Google search engine will now be able to deliver practice problems, math tools, STEM questions, and more data from education sites.

The COVID-19 outbreak changed the world a lot. Adopting the new norms has been difficult for many of us. Billions of learners around the world were affected as education was completely disrupted. The education system underwent a major change immediately, numerous students and teachers had to adopt the new norm or online learning. 

Google has recently introduced a feature that aims to make online learning easier. The search results will now give quick links to the concepts related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Since practice tests and math assistance were the most requested data in the past year, Google Search results will also show test problems from websites that host educational content. 

Test your knowledge

To make it easier for the learners, Google is rolling out an additional ‘interactive feature’ for these popular content types. Practice problems and quizzes will directly appear on the search results. These interactive features are aimed to test your knowledge of high school physics, chemistry, and math on different topics. 

Google will also display resources from educational providers including Byjus, Careers360, Toppr, BBC Bitesize, Chegg, CK12, Education Quizzes, GradeUp, Great Minds, Kahoot!, OpenStax, Vedantu, and more. Google Search AR also supports over 200 chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy concepts.

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Math for everyone

Students can look up solutions to equation problems for their math homework. Algebra, quadratic equations, and more types of equations will also be available in the coming weeks. Google has proposed partnerships with Symbolab, Mathway, and Tiger Algebra to work on this feature in the future. 

Google is also planning to show resources on complex STEM questions.

Google recently released information on tools for educational content uploaders in a blog post, which you can Read here

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