Paraben CEO Amber Schroader

Paraben CEO Amber Schroader named in the Top 10 Dexterous Business Leaders

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April 30, 2021   

Leadership can mean a lot of different things and has a lot of different ways it can impact an organization. Sometimes a leader’s impact is all internal, but sometimes that impact can be seen throughout an industry. Amber Schroader Paraben’s CEO, Founder, and Leader is one of those special types of leaders that have impacted not only her team but an industry. Ms. Schroader led her team to create the first tool for mobile forensics 20-years ago and has not stopped in the pathway to innovation when it comes to the technology used in the DFIR space. Throughout her 30-year career, Ms. Schroader has been a force of change and innovation with a focus on new areas for digital evidence collection, quality processes, and new data sources.  Her design and skills have helped organizations of all sizes be able to add new capabilities into their teams. The Mirror Review publication has named Amber Schroader one of the Top 10 Dexterous Business leaders for 2021 for her continuous innovations in the field of digital forensics. This is a great honor to not only be recognized but to epitomize the term dexterous with the large range of skill set both in business and in the hands-on investigative side by actively still working cases. “Amber never wanted to lose touch with the investigator side and keeps active with our lab as well as with the design of our technology. Her hands-on approach to leadership makes it easy to be a member of her team,” stated Shannon Gomez Paraben’s Director of Sales. Ms. Schroader spends her time with her team creating new ideas as well as working on industry efforts by working on large-scale concepts such as the “360-degree approach to digital forensics” and “FoE-Forensics of Everything”. Her accomplishments make her an ideal representative of The Top 10 Dexterous Business Leaders.  

About Paraben Corporation

Since 2001 Paraben has been a foundation in solutions for mobile devices, smartphones, email, hard drives, and gaming system forensics. Paraben has been forging ahead to develop new approaches for dealing with digital evidence. Paraben’s focus on mobility led to many other areas of innovation including the research and development into the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Forensics of EverythingTM (FoE). Paraben supports logical and physical images with mobile devices and 100% of the smartphones on the market. In addition, Paraben can add to an existing arsenal with specialized tools for unique data such as network email servers, local email archives, internet-related data, and gaming systems. Paraben provides software with a unified vision and interfaces for dealing with all types of digital data. From start to finish Paraben offers solutions that can build new capabilities into any digital investigation.

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