Nursing Career Review

Nursing Career Review: Advancement Opportunities And Jobs To Consider

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Without any doubt, nursing is one of the most respectable professions worldwide. The recent Covid-19 pandemic that threatened the entire world has highlighted the importance of nurses. The competitiveness in this field is ever-increasing. And it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of the nursing profession. But you also need to note that it’s a diverse field that involves many duties.

After spending years learning important concepts in college or university, the final step of the education process would be to choose an area to specialize in. This nursing career review details the career and different job opportunities to consider.

What Is Nursing Career Advancement?

Nursing career advancement is a potential path for professional nurses to follow and gain new skills. It also offers them a better salary. As a nurse, there are different ways to improve your professional skills and stand out from others. Before settling on any particular nursing field, you must consider the career progressions you’ll gain access to.

After gaining basic education from the teachers on a university campus, your career will be more than formulas, integrals, good grades, and studying. Yes, you have worked with paper samples and written an essay about nursing profession to understand all the subtleties of the profession. But you will still need to take an extra exam or course to prove your mettle and take your career to the next stage. To do this, you may need to opt for physical or online studying materials. After you’re done, the next thing to do is find a suitable job to showcase your skills.

So, what are the career advancement opportunities and jobs to consider? They include:

What Is Nursing Career Advancement?

Clinical Research

You may try out medical research if you’re a nurse interested in developing the medical field. This is an important part of healthcare. It involves researching new trials and therapies to improve people’s health. The nurses in this field usually assist and care for participants. They also ensure that all guidelines are followed and that the data collected from the research is viable.

Bedside Nursing

Bedside nurses work in hospitals to care for patients admitted into the facility. These nurses spend plenty of time interacting and checking on a group of patients they have been assigned to. They will monitor the patient’s health condition throughout their hospital stay. They will be responsible for administering medications, performing tests, and handling simple procedures.

Nursing Education

This career is essential because it ensures that a new generation of nurses will always be. Here, more experienced nurses will pass the knowledge and experience of working as a nurse to others. They will also provide job-related instructions to learners. Any nurse who has earned his/her degree may pursue a career as an educator. You may also work as a professor at a university. As a nursing educator, you’ll have to teach according to a laid-down syllabus. However, you can also use your professional experience to provide insight to your students.

Insurance Nurses

Insurance has become a major part of our modern-day society. As a result, you’ll find more people purchasing health insurance packages. Before an insurer finalizes the details of a health insurance package, they hire a medical checkup to assess their well-being. Some insurers allow applicants to do this through their healthcare provider. But others hire professional nurses to work for them.

These professionals would be responsible for providing assessments for applicants and offering feedback to the insurer. They serve as an intermediary between the applicant and the insurer. This way, insurers have a medical assessment they can trust.

Proven Tips To Advance Your Nursing Career

These are some of the best ways to advance your nursing career:

●      Study for a certification: To improve your skills, earn a certification. Check through online resources to identify courses that could help you out.

●      Study an advanced degree: Another proven way to gain more skills is to study for an advanced degree. Popular examples of an advanced degree are a Master’s and Doctorate.

●      Apply for a managerial position: Nurses start their careers in the clinical field. However, they later transition to managerial positions after some time. These managerial positions expose them to more opportunities. It also allows them to oversee other professionals’ activities in the same field.

●      Specialize in a field: We’ve mentioned different advancement options in the earlier parts of this article. You can specialize in any of these fields for better career opportunities.

What Is The Salary Of Nurses?

The average salary of registered nurses in the United States is $43.7. However, the annual salary is $12,000 per year. You’ll need to note that the salary of professional nurses will depend on your experience in the field.


We’ve spent some time reviewing the advancement and career opportunities in nursing. You can see that nursing is a career with plenty of room for growth. You need to identify how to take advantage of these growth opportunities. The more you advance your career, the better your chances of earning your dream salary.

If you’re interested in growing your career, you can review this piece’s information. You’ll find plenty of useful information. Make sure to follow the information discussed closely. This way, you’ll rise to the top of your career faster.

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