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Nestle moving towards AI-driven Business

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Key Highlights

  • Nestle USA is associating with Enterra Solutions for improving strategic decisions through AI.
  • The company is improving its supply chain management through SAS analytics.
  • Nestle is providing customized products to consumers.

Nestle’s New Digital Journey with ‘Cookie- Coach’

Nestle, a multinational conglomerate that has been at the forefront of the Food and Beverage industry for over 150 years, has recently extended its AI activities by launching a new tool called ‘Cookie Coach.’ Nestle USA has created this robotic bot to answer questions about its Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe. Ruth—the AI-powered mentor, is a multimodal robotic assistant that employs autonomous animation.  To improve growth chances and have a greater consumer service, the company has been incorporating emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, sophisticated data processing, cryptocurrency, augmented reality, and many others.

Nestle integrating Modern Technologies in Business

Nestle USA and Enterra Solutions have collaborated to improve strategic decisions by using AI software. This partnership aims to achieve advanced sales and marketing expertise through automating decision-making. Nestle is establishing a bond between suppliers and customers by collecting a wide range of data and incorporating advanced data analytics, artificial learning, and AI. The brand has used AI-powered network management techniques to test the product procurement and distribution processes. The company has promoted AI and data analytics to create data-driven market models. It used Microsoft Power BI and Azure to create a consolidated data center to create a dependable data analytics and business intelligence application for high-quality, scalable data.

Managing the Inventory through SAS Analytics

Nestle is using SAS analytics to forecast accurate demand planning, minimizing inventory overstocks and supply chain errors. The company utilizes the capabilities of predictive analytics and robotics for factory automation and supply chain traceability. Nestle increased the scope of Transport Hub technologies to cover 50 percent of its Global Logistics Network in 2020. 

Enhancing Services through Customization

Nestle’s data analytics approach investigates and comprehends customer desires, behaviors, and patterns. The brand has established a one-on-one partnership with its customers by using technologies such as NLP, conversational AI, voice assistants, and machine learning. It has also improved personalized customer experience through intelligent chatbots, digital nutrition advice, applications, and other means.

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