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People who depended on traditional medicine for healing and recovery are now exploring drug-free and minimally invasive treatments to avoid the possible side effects of the medications. They want to boost their body’s natural healing process for maximum benefit, and a branch of medicine like functional medicine offers them this and more. It uses nutrition, corrective techniques, yoga, and other means to solve or alleviate issues that bothered people for a long. Let’s find out what it can treat.

Blood sugar

The holistic approach of functional medicine enables it to focus on the whole person, not just the presence of diseased symptoms. The fundamental of this treatment is – the human body has the power to self-regulate itself for proper functioning. It can improve on its own. Because any imbalance in the blood sugar can signal chronic illnesses like heart ailment, diabetes, fatty liver, weight gain, and others, functional medicine can aid this process to keep you healthy. They can suggest diets, supplements, and lifestyle tweaks to manage the underlying cause of the symptom and prevent the occurrence of any other illness. They can also use mediums like acupuncture, health coaching, counseling, and others to keep you focused on your wellness goals.


It is easy to assume that eating more leads to the obesity problem. While diet plays a role in this, many other underlying causes can be the main culprits. For example, you can think of hormonal changes and lower metabolism. If your metabolism is not even average, you will struggle to keep your weight down, whether you eat the same amount of food or less. It happens because your body doesn’t burn off calories as efficiently as it should. Exercising and eating smaller portions can be an excellent way to boost your calorie burn power. Still, you may not get satisfactory results because of a lack of knowledge. Then, toxin buildup and gut bacteria can also lead to this. Since most medications carry side effects, you wouldn’t want to take that road. However, a drug-free approach like functional medicine can address your concerns satisfactorily. For help, you can check Active Edge functional medicine.


H-pylori bacteria can harm your stomach and duodenum as these cause issues like ulcers. You can get this infection from contaminated food or water. Since it is contagious, the disease can also spread through human contact. The bacteria enter the stomach lining and emit toxins that risk your tissue health and cause inflammation. Due to this, you face issues like ulcers, bleeding, and other symptoms. If you go the traditional treatment route, expect doctors to recommend antibiotics. And if you are aware, these don’t come without health risks. Although these are lifesaving, the wrong dose or half treatment can make your bacteria more resistant and mutate. As a consequence, the medicine may not work the next time.

Some people are allergic to certain antibiotics, and the reaction can be severe. That’s why your doctor must know this. And since it can interact with other medications and worsen your health, your primary care provider must also account for this. But you can avoid all this if you use functional medicine that supports the use of proper nutrition and supplements for stronger immunity.

Functional medicine has wide-ranging applications and can become more effective combined with other therapies.

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