Moonshine, India’s first and largest Mead Brand introduces Salted Kokum Mead

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Adds to its collection of unique flavoured meads, marking the use of Kokum

in alcoholic beverages for the first time

October 27th, 2021: Moonshine, India’s first and largest Mead brand has launched ‘Salted Kokum Mead’, adding to its unique and increasingly popular collection of flavoured meads such as apple cyder, coffee, grilled pineapple and guava chilli among others. The salted kokum mead is a hit of fresh kokum balanced with pink salt and an undertone of ginger married together by sweet honey that is 100% pure. The kokum flavour promises to make your mouth pucker and the mead will leave you pining for more!

Kokum, a small fruit, red in colour like cherry tomato deepens to purple on ripening and is primarily grown in the western ghats of Maharashtra and Goa. In fact, it is extensively used in Maharashtrian, Konkan and Gujarati cuisine, sometimes as a substitute to tamarind. However, it will be the first time that it is used as a flavour in an alcoholic beverage and its sweet/sour taste combined with the fermented honey makes the new salted kokum mead a must add to your parties and get-togethers this festival season.  Available in limited edition, the Salted Kokum Mead is priced at all of INR 199/- per pint and is available at premium liquor retail outlets across Maharashtra and Goa. One could also reorder the drink online on

Rohan Rehani, Co-founder /Benevolent Overlord, Moonshine Meadery says, “With a rising consumer base of young adults who are exploring and experimenting drinking as an experience, we have witnessed a significant increase in demand for our naturally flavoured meads over the last year. Today, they are not only open to but in fact look out consciously, to taste and enjoy new types and flavours of alcohol. With the newly launched salted kokum variant, we are using kokum in an alcoholic beverage for the very first time in the world and the initial response from Mead connoisseurs and our regular customers has got us thinking to increase availability of what we had originally planned as a limited edition variant.”

Equally popular and looked forward to with each new flavour from Moonshine is its creative, designer labels, uniquely outsourced to young, upcoming artists. The salted Kokum mead label, designed by Mumbai based architect Sagarika Nambiar during the lockdown, is an abstract depiction of herself at a happy place on the beaches of Konkan, subtly conveying the experience of the drink. With a bright red colour that makes the label pop and an added texture that gives it a retro dimension, the Salted Kokum Mead is sure not to miss your attention this season!

About Moonshine Meadery and Meads:

Meads are a gluten free and the most sustainably produced alcoholic beverage, created by fermenting honey with various fruits and spices. One of the most ancient alcoholic beverages known to mankind, once known as the elixir of Gods and reserved for kings and royalty, Moonshine pioneered the category in India, to bring back the ancient beverage in a modern avatar to young Indians who drink to experience and enjoy craft beverages Started out of a garage, as a passion-driven hobby of Rohan Rehani and Nitin Vishwas, in 2014. Moonshine was launched officially in 2018. Today, Moonshine holds the distinction of not only pioneering the category in India but also of setting up Asia’s first and largest meadery in Pune. It retails across 200 stores and 200 restaurants across Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Goa.

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