Should Businesses Prioritize Mobile Over Desktop Traffic

Should Businesses Prioritize Mobile Over Desktop Traffic?

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Nine out of ten people browse the Internet through mobile devices. When it comes to websites, 60% of people prefer to use their smartphones. Have you optimized your business for mobile traffic?

Because if you haven’t, you’re losing a lot of money. Most experts agree mobile traffic is the future of browsing. They also agree a lot of people will continue to use desktops for their Internet needs.

Against that backdrop, optimize your online business for both mobile and desktop traffic. Follow the tips shared below. 

Give Your Site a Mobile-Friendly Design

Google has a mobile-first approach to indexing websites. This means if your business isn’t optimized for mobile, you will never rank for important keywords in your niche. 

And if you can’t rank your website’s content on Google’s first page, you will forever struggle with sales. Good news—optimizing your website for mobile traffic is easy.

If you use a WordPress website, find a good mobile optimization plugin. If you hired a developer to create your site from scratch, hire a coder to optimize your site.

Once your website is optimized for a mobile screen, go through the texts, fonts and images to ensure they fit seamlessly. Importantly, work on your content to optimize your site for local SEO.

Make Your Homepage Captivating

If you want people to stay on your website for more than a couple of seconds, make your homepage a draw. Not only should it be well-organized, but it should also have features that make people want to stay longer.

Take a look at the best Canadian mobile casinos. They post their welcome bonus on the top section of the page. Next, they show you a glimpse of their games and software providers. 

As you scroll down, you view details like payment providers, licensing information and their security measures. In other words, they make your first scroll worthwhile. They give you reasons to like them, encouraging you to create an account immediately. 

Now, you probably don’t run a different business. In that case, you just need to figure out the best ways to impress new website visitors. Use an eye-catching title to describe your business. 

Explain what your business is about in a few captivating paragraphs. Include images, a search bar and a call to action. Of course, also include your contacts.

Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed

Most people will exit a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. What’s more, Google hates websites that load slowly. That means if you haven’t optimized your site for speed, you could be in big trouble.

You risk losing half your customers simply because your site opens at snail-like speeds. On the other hand, you could lose vital SERP rankings because Google and Bing hate your site.

Fortunately, optimizing a site for speed is fairly easy. First, install an image compression plugin. Then activate lazy loading and browser caching. Another option is to change your hosting provider—some providers offer much better speeds.

If switching your hosting provider isn’t an option, consider paying for a Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDNs use multiple servers to connect website visitors with the servers closest to them. In turn, this increases your site’s speed. 

Optimize Your Content with Keywords

The secret to getting more traffic to your website lies in keyword optimization. You see, people interested in what you sell are constantly using Google to find related information.

Let’s say you sell laptops. People are constantly reading MacBook laptop reviews. Others want to compare HP and Lenovo laptops. As a business, you can create content centered on specific keywords.

When people search for information about laptops, Google directs them to your website. Although they will visit your site to find helpful information, you can include a call-to-action that reminds them you also sell laptops.

Backlinks are one of the top three factors Google considers when ranking a website. Links from trustworthy websites act as a vote of confidence for your site. And usually, the more backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank.

Now, sourcing backlinks is easier said than done. Website owners don’t like giving out backlinks to low-quality sites. Instead, they link their content to websites that provide value.

Find websites in your niche and offer to publish a high-quality article on their post in return for a backlink. Pitch your idea adeptly to increase your chances of getting accepted. 

Another tip is to create content that attracts backlinks naturally. You may need to publish an extra-long article. You could add images, videos and infographics. There are more ways to get backlinks for your site, including buying them. However, focus on publishing quality content for your audience above everything else.

Develop a Social Media Presence

Your customers probably spend time on social media every day. Some of them like Facebook and Instagram. Others prefer Twitter and TikTok. Have a presence on all these social networks.

Social media helps you keep tabs on your audience. It helps you market your services beyond your website. What’s more, it helps you keep a loyal customer base. 

In case you’re wondering, you don’t need to spend too much time on social media. In this age of automation, you can use digital tools to post on social media regularly. Alternatively, you can hire someone to manage your accounts.

Start an Email Newsletter

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still an effective way to increase your website’s traffic. As such, investing in a newsletter is one of the best things you can do for your business.

With a newsletter, you get to talk to people who know about your website. They probably read something on your site and liked it. By giving you their email address, this audience is giving you the green light to market your products to them.

With that said, having an email newsletter is one thing. Turning it into a successful marketing tool is a different thing altogether. People won’t open their emails unless it’s something worthwhile. So, learn how to create emails that capture attention.

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