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For organizations, having the right set of business tools in place can make the world of a difference. Google offers a comprehensive range of the time-perfected business tools which if implemented, can enhance the entire business workflow for the better. Through Google solutions, companies can conduct their businesses globally as well as assist their remote employees to work seamlessly from any corner of the world. These solutions are secure, reliable, scalable, and easy to integrate into the existing systems. Hence by utilizing them, companies can also build the same future-proof infrastructure that Google themselves use, helping integrate businesses with the ongoing development of online business.

Leveraging the power of Google, Marfeel, which is a cloud-solution company, offers a platform that optimizes website and advertisement space display in mobile websites.

Engaging Users with Attractive Views and Rich Content

Marfeel is an ad tech platform that transforms the way publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites. Not only does the company turns the desktop website of a publisher into a mobile website but also drives it into the latest technology that delivers key results in four main areas_ traffic, speed, user experience, and revenue. It also allows publishers to do what they are best at i.e. producing rich content while it looks for modern and effective solutions that keep evolving an industry that is still developing and shaping itself. The technology adopted by Marfeel is robust where about 70% of its team works on product and technology development.

Through its holistic and progressive platform, Marfeel always tries to keep user-engagement with mobile websites a bit longer so that it will result in better outcomes for the publishers.  Its proprietary technology analyzes publishers’ unique audiences’ habits, behavior, and usage patterns and dynamically adjusts the mobile site layouts to maximize readership, engagement, page views, loading time, and ultimately ad revenue. The Barcelona-based company is thrilled to be a part of Google Certified Publishing Partners, a major contributor to the AMP project as well as shares a common ethos with Google i.e. “focus on the user and all else will follow.”

Boosting Rank, Traffic, and Revenue

Committed to constant improvement, Marfeel delivers a revolutionary Progressive WebApp (PWA) that bridges the gap between native applications and web apps. PWAs boost publisher traffic through hyper-optimized loading speeds and page performance. Typically, the company’s clients have a Google Lighthouse score of over 90, which is a major SEO ranking signal, helping direct more high-value traffic to publishers’ websites. To optimize the value of traffic, it has developed a unique data-backed UX that is proven to enhance key metrics such as page views, session time, and social shares by three-figure growth rates. All of these factors contribute to major uplift in average revenue per user (ARPU), the most comprehensive indicator used in the ad tech industry to measure the value of each individual reader. Presently, Marfeel’s platform delivers about 750 million website sessions each month from leading publisher websites such as The Washington Times, Euronews, Dennis Publishing, and AdAge.

Catering Diverse Clients across the World

The Google Certified Publishing Partner Corporation has worked with more than 600 clients worldwide, optimizing their traffic, speed, and boosting ad revenue. Typically, its clients include established media groups and niche publishers. In 2018, it had experienced major growth in Latin America, Mexico, and Brazil. Moreover, its talented team is also developing the company’s core audience in mainland Europe and the UK.

Embracing New Trends and Technologies to Stay Ahead 

Marfeel focuses on product and directs a lot of energy towards testing, researching, and developing new programmatic and mobile strategies. With the increase of mobile devices and new technology, the company makes sure to stay ahead of the curve and deliver rich content to the audiences. Through its technology and approach to the users’ experience, the company has collaborated with world-renowned institutions such as and the IAB, with whom they are working closely on developing new standards for the entire industry. Moreover, it also concentrates on the end user with every change they make. In this way, Marfeel ensures that the advertising revenue they generate is continuous and does not turn away the reader from the publisher’s page in the long term.

Achievements and Future Tactics 

Marfeel has worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the publishing world, including Euronews and The Washington Times. For its remarkable and dynamic services, Marfeel has been featured in the Financial Times Top 1000 fastest companies, INC 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in Europe, and recently, the company has been nominated for the Digiday Publisher Platform of the Year award.

Therefore, to maintain its upward market momentum, Marfeel’s future lies in consolidating its presence in current markets as well as by integrating with publishers in new territories. The company is also expanding into a new sector of the longtail publishing market, helping smaller publishers grow and standardizing the publishing and adtech experience across the industry. To enhance publishers’ growth, the company released its own WordPress plugin for independent publishers called MarfeelPress, and now there are over 1000 active installs till now.

An Experienced Marketing Specialist Adding Real Value to Businesses

Alexian Chiavegato is the CMO of Marfeel who develops and implements sales­integrated marketing strategy to make the B2B targeting a success. While directing business from the product-first perspective, Alexian gains insights into the key pain points of clients and directs the team to work on the details that are going to add real value. As the CMO, Alexian runs all marketing sides of the business including lead generation, content marketing, PR and branding to deliver effective marketing campaigns that will drive sales and revenue. With the talented team of Marfeel, Alexian works with Google directly on events to help educate and inform its partners and industry.

Using Google Ad Network to Promote Clients’ Brand

Google has a variety of solutions for different business needs, making everyone’s life easier. However, in the marketing sector, Google has developed solutions that have helped many marketers. Being a marketing expert and CMO, Alexian shares that Google Ad network currently serves the majority of Marfeel’s ad requests. Google Ad network boosts traffic, clicks, and conversions as well as becomes an efficient data-based medium to tell people about their clients’ brand. It comprises of a wide marketplace of advertisers and networks which is easy to integrate as well as generate the majority of its publishers’ ad revenue.

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