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Microsoft with its Dynamic 365 Commerce Trying to Nudge Ahead of Competition

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Microsoft introduces a new e-commerce platform

With the introduction of Dynamic 365 Commerce, the online sales platform helped Microsoft to enhance the customer experience. This provides support to the customers who run stores at the local market to be more technology-driven and generate more revenue. The company has combined the e-commerce platform services with the Dynamic 365 Connected Store app. This combination helps the company able to collect data from online and physical stores for comparative study.

The main purpose of this initiative is to increase the online sales for traditional retailers and in the process help the consumer to enhance their online shopping experience.  The latest AI system and the tools that were included in the Dynamic 365 program, helps Microsoft in providing its retailer a powerful substitute for the Amazon e-commerce platform. The Forrester Analyst Kate Leggett emphasized that the company is looking beyond as it challenges integrated CX stacks from Salesforce and Oracle.

End-to-end support will be provided to retailers

Leggett said, “You can’t support the customer through their end-to-end journey without an e-commerce pillar, Dynamic 365 Commerce might not be a great leap forward as an e-commerce platform, but it catches Microsoft up to the pack. It was a real hole in Microsoft’s portfolio.”

As of now, Microsoft is concentrating on B2C retailers with its e-commerce platform. The major tech companies have different e-commerce platforms for B2B and B2C. Microsoft decided it will create the B2C and after getting stronghold it will focus on B2B.

The stores that ate linked through data tools have optimized their day to day operations. Leggett said, “It’s about real-time insights, connected data, and analytics, having that data available to deliver outcomes you need.” The private preview is presently available for Dynamic 365 and public preview for Dynamic 365 Commerce. A spokesperson from Microsoft said, “The general availability date would be revealed in the coming months, as well as pricing.”



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