How will the Metaverse Change our Lives?

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In 2021 it was announced that Facebook would be changing its name to Meta. On the surface, the news didn’t fire the imagination of the average social media users, but some people understood the implication

At the same time, news of the inception of the Metaverse was confirmed. It’s an extension of Facebook’s plans but, in some quarters, it’s being heralded as the greatest revolution since the development of the internet.

Changing Times

It’s a bold claim to suggest that our everyday lives will be transformed by the introduction of the Metaverse but there are clear precedents. The arrival of the digital age and its development in the 2000s changed the way we shop, work and interact.

Social media was next and there is an element of evolution across the last twenty years. Before we can come to a conclusion, we need to fully understand what the Metaverse really stands for.

Just what is the Metaverse?

Anyone who has created a digital ‘Sim’ of themselves in the gaming world will already be halfway towards understanding the concept of the Metaverse. This is a completely different type of digital realm where users can fully immerse themselves into virtual surroundings.

A VR headset may be enough to enter the Metaverse in order to make an everyday purchase, sit in on a meeting with colleagues or even to go on a date. It’s not quite teleportation but the technology is as close as we may ever get to entering new locations without physically being there.

Who Stands to Benefit?

Retailers across many industries will be eager to see what benefits the Metaverse can bring. Potentially, it will be possible to take your virtual alter-ego into a clothing store and to try on new items before making a purchase.

Test driving cars could even be a possibility in the new digital realm. If there is any physical product up for sale, the virtual version of yourself could have the capacity to cross over into the Metaverse and try it out.

Update and Improve

Virtual Reality has been around for many years but it’s yet to fully convert on its undoubted potential. There are many possible reasons for that but the advent of the Metaverse could finally help VR to come into its own.

A good example of this can be provided by the online casino industry. Over the past ten years, global revenue from online gambling has steadily increased. The United States relaxed its own legislation in 2018 and, since then, tax receipts from legal US online gambling have boosted the nations income.

One of the reasons why customers have switched to online providers lies with live casino play. Under this platform, players can sit in front of their laptop or mobile device and play with real life dealers inside a gaming room.

It’s been a big driver for the industry but there is potential for the Metaverse to make significant improvements to that live casino play. With the aid of a virtual reality headset, users can transport their digital self into that room in order to enjoy a few hands of poker or a spin of the roulette wheel.

This is the ultimate in online experience for anyone who plays casino games, but the theory can be replicated in a whole host of leisure industries. Special experience days such as balloon flights, paintballing or a day at a Go-Kart Track could be emulated by the Metaverse in the future.

Not Taking Over

Some would argue that there is no substitute for actually being there and that may well be the case. Consumers may well want to take their own balloon flights or visit a brick-and-mortar casino in the physical world.

The Metaverse isn’t intending to take over our lives or to remove that type of physical connection. However, for those that cannot travel to undertake these activities in person or, if they want cost effective alternatives, this is the next best thing.

(Mark Zuckerberg gives us a brief overview of how the Metaverse will improve our lives)

What’s not to Like?

If you’ve ever walked along your local high street and complained that there are too many hairdressers and nail bars, there’s a very good reason for that. Many traditional retail operations have moved online and made use of eCommerce to drive their business.

The high street has changed and the premises that are left are the ones selling services that you cannot purchase online. A haircut and a pedicure are currently beyond the scope of web developers.

The Metaverse cannot change that situation, but it can come as close as possible to offering real-life experiences in so many other realms. Whether it’s travel, online casino play, a personalised experience or a simple trip to the shops, the Metaverse has that potential to revolutionise our everyday lives.

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