Metadium partner XYO

Metadium partner with XYO to improve identity management

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The partnership promises to develop new ways, including the use of new geospatial data, to make identity management accessible and more effective for individuals and their devices

Metadium is an ecosystem built on a public identity blockchain, and the Metadium team is working hard to empower individuals around the world through Self-Sovereign Identity. The SSI model enables individuals to possess sole ownership over their offline and online identities, and also to fully control the sharing and distribution of their personal data, including ownership, management and use of their identity only with their consent–all without the need for intermediaries.

XYO Network, the world’s first geospatial blockchain network backed with cryptography. With more than 1 million location-verifying beacons around the planet, their technology rivals the GPS network, and radically transform the world’s leading industries.

Identity management

As part of this partnership, Metadium will leverage the XYO IoT-based cryptographic blockchain network and protocols to add location and other heuristic data verification to the already-powerful Metadium solution. Both teams look forward to the many possibilities the partnership is expected to enable consumers and business users globally.

Justin Park, CEO of Metadium stated, “There are multiple ways to manage identity, and we focus on building concrete ways to solve that challenge while putting control firmly in the hands of the individual. Our partnership with XYO will add a powerful location-verified component, toward creating a free world through self-sovereign identity. We look forward to integrating with the XYO SDK, and to building a unique ecosystem based on verified identities for people as well as devices.”

“We’re glad to be partnering with Metadium – their decentralized solutions are an efficient way for users to safeguard and manage their identities,” said XYO CEO and Co-Founder Arie Trouw. “Integrating our geolocation-based data validation to the identity management Metadium is doing can significantly improve security and control for users, and we see that as a significant win for everyone.”




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