Comcast buys Bluvector

Comcast buys Bluvector to eliminate modern cyber attacks

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Comcast and BluVector offers protection against cyber attacks

Comcast, a global media and technology company has acquired BluVector which provides cybersecurity protection to companies and government agencies. Both Comcast and BluVector will expand BluVector’s current customer base and produce new cybersecurity technologies. Ray Mathis, GM of growth at Comcast, stated, “BluVector is a global leader in leveraging AI and machine learning to defend against advanced cyber threats,”  Further, he added, “We’re thrilled that BluVector is part of Comcast and are excited to support its continued growth, even as we explore new opportunities to leverage BluVector technology and expertise.”

Utilizing AI machinery to detect cyber threats

Bluvector utilizes an AI platform which makes it possible to efficiently detect, analyse and contain sophisticated threats that include fileless malware, zero-day malware, and ransomware in real time. BluVector’s Speculative Code Execution (SCE) Engine is the security market’s first analytic specifically designed for fileless malware detection on the network. SCE covers the highest extent of fileless malware coverage such as detection of JavaScript, VBScript and PowerShell-based attacks. There is a need for this capacity since the cyber security industry has seen a rise in unseen or memory-based cyber-attacks on enterprises.

Working of BluVector’s Speculative Code Execution engine

BluVector’s Speculative Code Execution engine detects the behavior of code when executed in memory. Besides the execution of code, SCE also predicts the degree of a security breach in the memory. This engine also covers potential execution chains and focuses on malicious capacity rather than malicious behavior. As a result, technology decreases the investigation of a number of execution environments and the number of analytic results. The recent instances of such type of threats are “Petya”, “NotPetya” and WannaCry.”  This system becomes relevant for institutions like American Express to prevent attacks using malicious advertising on websites of financial institutions.

AI-powered services by Comcast

Comcast announced it was rolling out an AI-powered service that will monitor, block and alert customers to online threats to devices that are connected to home networks called Xfinity xFi Advanced Security. The system was created to protect smart devices from hackers and malware attacks. The service is activated automatically and does not require any setup.



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