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The cooking oil industry is saturated, and competition is rampant. Consumers don’t know enough about your product to prefer it over the other cooking oils available on the market. The resulting poor sales lead to a loss of time, energy, and, most importantly, money. This is due to a massive void in your business strategy: a lack of effective marketing. If you want to learn more about marketing and how to turn things around for your business, then keep reading:

What Is Marketing?

Marketing encompasses all activities carried out by a company related to the advertisement of buying or selling of goods and services. A good marketing strategy includes the Four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion.

  • Product is the goods or services provided by a business. A marketable product should be high in demand and stand out from its competitors
  • Price is the rate at which a company sells its products, including production, marketing, and distribution costs. It also considers the prices of competing products
  • Place means the product’s distribution channel, whether it is through storefronts, online stores, or both
  • Promotion refers to the integrated marketing communications campaign, including public relations, selling, sales promotion, and advertising

Is It Effective?

If you’re still unsure about the importance of marketing and wary about its effectiveness, we are here to tell you that the consumer market in this era is all about eye-catching marketing campaigns. It gives your brand a chance to design an image that engages with your target audience, shapes opinions about your product, and leaves a lasting impression. This kind of brand imaging and awareness is integral to lead generation and gaining a competitive advantage over rival companies. It is the first step in converting a potential consumer to loyal customer status and driving your sales. 

Types of Marketing Strategies

The marketing sector is constantly evolving to keep up with market saturation and changing consumer preferences. The two main branches of marketing techniques are traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Before the rise of technology, companies employed traditional marketing strategies, such as public displays of advertisements like posters and billboards, mailing brochures, television and magazine ads, and even hosting events to introduce and discuss the product. However, these practices are not entirely obsolete and can still be found today.

Digital Marketing

The introduction of digital marketing has completely altered the landscape of the marketing industry. It has created a space for companies to use new, innovative ways to reach their target audience, especially with content and social media marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) has given them the added advantage of appearing more frequently in potential customer searches. Emails have replaced mailing pamphlets and brochures, while affiliate marketing, through celebrities and influencers, has reduced marketing costs and increased returns.


Marketing is a crucial part of any business and has the potential to lead it to success. The most popular and effective marketing strategy right now is digital marketing. It will be very beneficial for your company to jump onto this bandwagon and reap its profits. Marketing should not be viewed as a cost; instead, it should be seen as an investment. Hopefully, with the help of this information, you will be able to make more intelligent and prosperous business decisions.



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