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Lenovo all set to launch ThinkSystem Edge Servers with VMware Software for Edge

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Key Highlights:

  • Lenovo to launch ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Servers for customer edge sites.
  • The company will be the first in the market to pre-load a VMware software solution for the edge in ThinkSystem SE350 servers.
  • Lenovo enhances the Open Cloud Automation management software.

ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Servers

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group provides smart infrastructure solutions to organizations through edge & cloud computing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and infrastructure-as-a-service via TruScale.

Lenovo is all set to launch their ‘ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Servers for customer edge sites. The VMware software solution is pre-loaded on a pair of ruggedized and security-enhanced ThinkSystem SE350 that will be delivered directly to the customer edge sites. These servers can sustain extreme temperatures and high levels of shock because of their ruggedized nature. For additional security of the data and device, encrypted hard disks have been included in the system with motion and tamper detection.

Lenovo is the first company in the market to launch ThinkSystem Edge servers with VMware software for the edge. This solution will ensure smoother seamless operation by eliminating the need for external network devices at the edge and simplify networking with built-in switching and wireless connectivity. This solution will allow remote sites like retail stores, manufacturing sites, and schools to easily process data closer to users.

Lenovo Open Cloud Automation

Lenovo has also announced the enhancement of ‘Lenovo Open Cloud Automation Management Software’ that will help organizations to plan their data center cloud and edge infrastructure solutions. This software can automate planning, deployment, and ongoing management of physical/virtual infrastructure for cloud applications to edge sites. 

The enhanced version of the software includes edge-supported features, to help customers with cutting-edge management capabilities. This saves up to half of the servers normally needed and takes full advantage of the built-in networking features of the ThinkSystem SE350. The Lenovo Open Cloud Automation Management Software will allow organizations having distant edge sites to automate tasks on-site without the help of a specialized staff.

Application of Open Cloud Automation Software

One of the customers of Lenovo, ‘T-Systems’ has already been using the Open Cloud Automation software that has helped it to maintain their IT legacy and make it future-ready. T-Systems has been using this software to save costs and modernize its infrastructure with an open, end-to-end automated platform that could host future workloads for customers on and off-premises.

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