Latvia – the Baltic Gem, the European Best-Kept Secret

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When your heart and soul are tired of all the daily fuss and non-stop activities, it’s high time to let you change the surroundings and explore the places you have never been to. This time we offer you to go off the beaten track and discover a land with a harmonious environment and balanced life, where forests and parks create the green heaven within the modern country – the Baltic gem Latvia, and its capital Riga. 

Let’s see what Latvia offers for its visitors. 

 Why Should You Visit Latvia?

1. Nature

The first and foremost reason to visit Latvia is its nature. Compared to all the European countries, Latvia is among the most ‘forested’. Moreover, the forests can be situated within the city line, without the need to spend hours trying to reach the spots of wild nature. 

Latvians are proud of their green wealth and do everything to preserve it for future generations. All the parks and forested areas are well-kept and maintained. There are numerous trails, where you can walk or cycle for miles, enjoying the pristine beauty of nature and soaking in the air filled with life. Those who are into running or jogging will enjoy morning kilometers around the parks and canals in Riga, having the ‘run-sightseeing’ tours. 

2. The capital – Riga

Riga is beautiful, there is something in the air that makes you fall in love with the city’s atmosphere from the moment you start exploring it. Before traveling to Riga, you may be exploring some facts about it, and scrolling through Google Photos, yet they never reveal a true charm of the place. 

The buildings of the Old Town are cozy and welcoming, and the architecture of Art Noveau style never fails to amaze you. 

Riga is versatile, your checklist of things to see will lack the options. The Riga tourist attractions include castles, parks, clubs, restaurants, theatres, numerous playgrounds for kids, and islands – there are about a hundred things to explore, so get ready for lots of discoveries. 

3. Weather

Latvians are blessed with four different seasons, each one bringing its colors and moods into their lives. Every season creates an unforgettable atmosphere across and ‘design’ of the country. 

Latvian climate is comfortable, especially for those who suffer from scorching summer temperatures in central and southern Europe. Winters seem to come alive straight from the Christmas snowy cards, creating the feeling of magic around. Springs are full of blooming and flowery fragrances, autumn is filled with vibrant colors. If you miss the feeling of seasonal changes, Latvia is waiting for you. 

4. Baltic Sea

When traveling to Latvia, you will add another ‘sea’ to your box of memories. The Baltic Sea is special. There is something potent about its waters, which are always fighting against the cliffs. The sound of splashing waves is relieving, it makes you free from troubling thoughts and lets you unchain your inner energy.

The Baltic waters are never warm enough for those who enjoy high temperatures, as its averages are 12 to 17 degrees in summer and 2 to 4 degrees in winter. 

5. Fusion of cultures

The capital city Riga, is a mix of cultures. It hosts spectacular examples of Art Nouveau, which draws its inspiration from the abundance of wildlife and favors asymmetrical and naturally flowing lines. A lot of the buildings are in Baroque and Gothic style, as it was once a German city. There are also traces of Soviet impact and its utilitarian style of the buildings. 

. There is no need to follow the map, when you are in the Old Town of Riga, trying to explore all the riga tourist attractions according to the list. Give yourself a chance to feel the freedom of movement, just follow the beauty of the city and it will let you discover all its secrets. 

6. Food

Latvia and its beauty will let you hit the records of daily steps counter; its endless trails in the middle of the green ocean will find a place in your heart. Such an active holiday will require nutritious energizers, and Latvians are sure to offer you quite an appetizing menu – cold and warm soups, numerous potato dishes, freshly baked rye bread, unique desserts, pancakes – the list can go on and on. It is impossible to resist the temptation to try everything, as food is delicious, and always prepared with high-quality ingredients. 

The Bottom Line

Latvia is a beautiful land, its capital, Riga, is a place where you can find everything for a spiritual and active outdoor rest. Once you feel you are ready for new experiences, grab your backpack and go towards a new adventure to Latvia, which will help you create the memories of a lifetime.

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