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Landdox And OGsys Shares Customers’ Accounting Information

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Accounting Link is Latest Addition to Landdox Partnership Ecosystem

Landdox, the land technology innovator, announced a new integration with OGsys’ widely-used oil & gas accounting software. The integration focused to provide real-time synchronization of revenue decks, JIB decks, and valuable owner information between customers’ Landdox and OGsys accounts.

The initial integration release links Landdox with OGsql, which OGsys has supported for more than a decade. An upcoming release featuring an API that links LAnddox to OGpro, OGsys’ recently released Cloud-based application, will soon follow.

Landdox to deliver different customer experience than legacy oil & gas software

Established in 2015, Landdox builds revolutionary next-generation software that empowers today’s land professional.

  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.
  • World-class customer service that’s part of the deal (not a surcharge).
  • New customer on-boarding in hours rather than weeks or months.
  • Zealous solicitation of customer feedback and follow-through on new feature developments.

James Yockey, co-founder of Landdox, said, “Land teams increasingly have the green light to ditch clunky ERP land modules and spreadsheets in favor of modern, purpose-built software.” “As land teams exercise their newfound freedom, they want to stay in synch with their accounting department automatically.  For Landdox customers who also rely on OGsys, this new integration eliminate the drag of manual uploads, duplicative data entry, and the financial risk that can result from data inaccuracies,” he added.

Landdox helps customers meet the data readiness challenge with a combination of professional services and technology tools i.e. Decode, Convert, and Integrate.

  • Decode: Landdox excels at decoding raw data from legacy land systems and making it ready for integration into a modern land system.
  • Convert: Landdox advice on naming, organization models, field and form customization, and batch uploading document image and map shape files. After the data is harmonized, Landdox importer tools help ensure an accurately populated account delivered in a fraction of the time traditionally required for data conversions.
  • Integrate: Landdox offers APIs and integrations into other commonly used oil & gas software to make it painless to feed the data beast.

Jody Vasquez, Vice President of OGsys, said, “Accounting has always needed data from land, and vice versa.” “But, never before has it been so easy to share mission-critical data across these teams as our new integration with Landdox makes possible,” he admired.



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