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15 Katie Page Facts that will make you Admire her More

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Born in Queensland, Katie always had the dream to be a businesswoman. Her father was Katie’s biggest cheerleader who always told her it was not impossible to achieve anything. Educated in Brisbane High School, which is a feminist school, she was bound to have an open mind-set about her career. In the year 1983, Katie began her career by being an assistant at the new Harvey Norman store— an Australian-based, multi-national retailer of furniture, bedding, computers, and electrical products. During her tenure as an assistant, Katie worked for ad buying, sales, marketing, and publicity for the firm. Katie was made the CEO of the company after 16 years of utter dedication and hard-work.

Katie Page has been a constant supporter of women. She believes that through proper motivation and implementation of the resources, women can attain the world. She has started many organizations to help girls accomplish their dreams.

Just amongst some of the organizations she started is the Muslim Australian Football League team. She has sponsored most of the teams and firms led by women or where women play a major part. Katie truly is an inspiration to all the aspiring girls.

Below we have listed 15 amazing facts about Katie Page:

  1. Katie’s father was a bank manager and relocated the family every four years.

  2. Katie and her sisters have spent their childhood in St George, Rockhampton and Brisbane.

  3. Katie’s Father always made sure that she was updated with the daily whereabouts and read the newspaper’s business section daily.

  4. She is a Brisbane State High School Graduate, a well know feminist school, which has been the main inspiration for her feminist views.

  5. Katie had planned to become a surveyor, but was discouraged by the low pay available then for women.

  6. At the age of 19, she competed in an “intelligence test” to raise funds for children with autism and Gerry Harvey was one of the judges.

  7. Harvey offered her the position of an assistant in his new Harvey Norman store—almost six years after the test he attended as a jury.

  8. Katie went on to be the CEO of that company in 1999.

  9. Under Katie’s stewardship, Harvey Norman has expanded in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Slovenia, and Ireland. Also, added an online store in 2001.

  10. The Australian Business Review ranked her 4th on the list of the “50 most powerful women in business”.

  11. Katie is also an active backer of several professional sports. She co-owns the Magic Millions Thoroughbred racehorse auction house along with four breeding studs and 1,000 racehorses.

  12. In 2004, Katie was the first woman to be elected to the board of the National Rugby League (NRL).

  13. Katie is an avid badminton player.

  14. She is a robust believer of shopping in person. In her opinion, it is of the utmost pleasure is accompanied by a person whilst shopping.

  15. Katie enjoys maintaining a balance sheet. This habit has helped her company during the global financial crisis.

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