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My dad likes to joke that women have this Jewellery disease. From the ancient era, Jewellery has been women’s favourite luxury item. Even men used to love wearing Jewellery simultaneously with women. Jewellery used to hold a special position in society. People born out of royalty used to wear Jewellery from a certain segment which used to define their class and standard. In the bronze era, bronze jewellery was used by the people. After digging out the pit of gold, people’s interest shifted towards it.

Expensive metals were very popular, but along with these metals, different kinds of gemstones were used. In the land of Pharaoh, gold or silver Jewellery with colourful stones like Ruby, Grape agate, Emerald, Moonstone, Diamond, Sapphire etc., were very popular. So today, this blog will elaborate on how Jewellery will make us better humans.

1.            Jewellery reminds us the long lost memories

We all have kept good old Jewellery given by close ones. A beautiful gold bracelet from grandma or a grape agate pendent from a partner. Whenever we wear those bracelets, we remember how much grandma used to adore us. Our dead partner suddenly gets alive through the pendant. Metals and stones both hold a very special kind of past in them. Whenever we see a piece from the past, our teary eyes start mesmerising.

2.            Jewelleries connects us to the people and boosts the love

Jewelleries connects us to our loved ones. During a wedding, we were pretty wedding bands on our fingers to remain connected with our counterparts. Whenever your partner is gifting you a piece of Jewellery, you will feel the love is getting boosted. Grape agate encrypted on your ring! Feel more connected through Jewellery.

3.            Jewellery makes us more beautiful

The purpose of wearing Jewellery is to get more beautiful. Whenever you are wearing a diamond ring or a ruby necklace, your face will automatically glow up. Pairs of tiny little pearl earnings will boost the beauty out of beauty. How about a gold emerald combo on your neck? Yes! It’s beautiful. Even on the stage of Miss Universe or Miss World, a crown is handed over to increase the beauty of the winner.

4.            As per the astrology, Jewellery has that power in them

From ancient times, Jewellery has been said to have mysterious power in them. Aztec kingdom, Ancient Vedic civilisation, Assariyan kingdom, Old Persia etc., had encrypted the benefits of wearing Jewellery in their writings. In India, people use Emerald and Sapphire stones to control their focus and increase brain activity. Gold is a very pious type of metal in Egypt. They used to wear gold to impress their gods from the sky. Wearing a Ruby is considered to be dangerous for many people. Stones and metals should be used as per your zodiac sign. Some people have faced difficulties in life because they wore the wrong gemstones or metals. Wearing gemstones or metal still prevails today.

5.            Investing in Jewellery proves to be profitable

If you are into stock markets, then you know many pieces of Jewellery can become a profitable asset. For ages, Jewellery has been sold in the market to earn profits. The market value of Gold, Platinum and Bronze is very high. Similarly, gemstones like Diamond Emerald, Grape agate, Cats eyes, Ruby etc., are covering the market. People invest a lot in the gold market. Gold is the daily trading item of every stock market expert. As the price of gold fluctuates a lot.

6.            Essential accessory for occasions

As we have already mentioned that gemstones and metals hold a special space in public. Everyone loves to wear Jewellery at marriage ceremonies, engagements, birthday parties, office parties and so on. People love to show off their riches through Jewellery. It increases the status and standard of a human being.


Jewellery is the antidote for many of us. Be it a businessman or a woman. We are so much connected with these stones, metals and crystals. Hope this blog will inspire you to get beautiful pieces of Jewellery to enhance your outer beauty. But don’t forget inner beauty is also important to make a better human being out of you.

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