design your home using marble paper?

How do you design your home using marble paper?

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Add the look and feel of marble to your house without spending a fortune! Marble wallpaper may be used to cover a whole room, as framed elements. Patterns that are light in color, reflecting, and tiny in size make a space look bigger. Darker hues and big size designs create a luxurious but warm atmosphere. Marble wallpaper is a luxurious alternative that works hard: the rest of your décor may be kept simple since your pattern will go a long way!

In what ways do you use marble accents in your home?

“As an apartment dweller, I can’t have any major marble moments, such as marble countertops or backsplashes.” So, adding marble décor allows me to have marble moments now, where I’d want to have bigger pieces of this material in my house in the future. Instead of marble countertops, I have a marble tray next to the stove for utensils and cooking oils. In my living room, I also have a marble coffee table, which is a fantastic way to have a bigger marble surface in my house in a more renter-friendly fashion.

Consider the present color palette in the room. Unless you’re completely redecorating the area, Use a busy wallpaper design sparingly in a space with other dramatic patterns. If your present décor has solid colors for the primary items, such as furniture, you may pick a busy or subtle pattern.

  • A couch with a bold plaid pattern, for example, might clash with a richly patterned marble wallpaper.
  • A warm, walnut-colored floor will blend with almost any hue, but lighter, yellow-toned flooring may be more difficult to design around.
  • Area rugs with bold designs should be replaced with something more neutral or contrasted with something more subtle.


Contact paper in marble

If you live in a rental or are unable or unable to make a permanent modification to your countertops, marble contact paper is a simple solution. There are water-resistant choices that will operate well in damp environments. You may use it in the bathroom in addition to the kitchen.

Select a design with a big or small size. For a more formal yet personal vibe, use large-scale designs. Large-scale patterns can provide depth to a sparsely furnished area. Choose a small-scale design to make a space seem larger.

Small-scale patterns in bright, cool hues optically broaden the space. For example, pale blue, green, purple, or cold grey.  Use a large-scale design in a warm, dark tone to make the space look smaller. For example, dark crimson, orange, and yellow.


Making a backsplash out of marble wallpaper is simple and inexpensive. You may also use it as a test to determine whether that is the kind of backsplash you want before committing to it.

Cover a whole room in wallpaper. Choose whether to paper simply the walls or the walls and ceilings. The inclusion of the ceiling results in a “jewel box” look.   This strategy may be particularly useful in a room you only visit on occasion, such as a guest bathroom. In this approach, you may appreciate the room’s metamorphosis rather than becoming bored with a pattern in a more common living space.

A wallpapered ceiling looks particularly good in a space with molding between the ceiling and the walls.

It takes a lot of time and work to wallpaper a whole room. You should start by priming the room. If you don’t want to put in the time and work yourself.


Is there anything to avoid or keep in mind while designing with marble?

“Because marble is an extremely delicate material, you should use caution while laying anything on top of it.” Marble absorbs liquids rapidly and may get soiled due to its porous nature. Just be careful to clean up any spills as soon as possible!” However, part of the allure of marble is that it ages and acquires a patina over time, much like leather. So, a little wear and tear won’t damage marble; instead, it will add depth to it over time.”

Hope it is really helpful to read this blog to apply these tricks practically and get advantages for your spaces at home!

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