iPhone 15 Heating Issue: Apple Releases New Software Update to Fix the Overheating

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October 5, 2023,

  • iOS 17.0.3 is released for all iPhone 15s.
  • Be quick to install the update to cool down your latest iPhone.

If you own an iPhone 15 and have been dealing with the iPhone 15 heating issue, the news you have been waiting for is here. Apple has just rolled out the iOS 17.0.3 update to address this problem and cool down your phone. Despite numerous complaints about overheating, Apple acted swiftly to release this small yet crucial update.

The iPhone 15 was globally launched on September 15, 2023. However, shortly after reaching users’ hands, reports of battery overheating started pouring in. It was only last week that Apple officially acknowledged these issues and pledged to resolve them in the upcoming update, which is specifically designed to tackle the iPhone 15 heating issue.

Primarily affecting the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models since their launch, this new update carries the code ‘21A360.’ Besides addressing the heating problem, it also addresses a security issue that could potentially allow cyber attackers to gain control of your device. This security flaw was known to be exploited in older iOS versions, such as 16.6. Therefore, even if you do not own the latest iPhone models, it is highly recommended to update your device promptly. However, please note that this update focuses solely on improving security and does not introduce any new features.

Another issue in the Que

Now, let’s transition to another important topic related to the iPhone 15 software update. The update we just discussed fixed two critical issues. First, there was a problem in libvpx that concerned the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This issue has the potential to allow remote attackers to take control of your device. Interestingly, similar fixes for this libvpx problem were recently incorporated into Chrome and Firefox.

To obtain this update and address the iPhone 15 heating issue, simply navigate to your device’s Settings menu and download the latest version, which is approximately 400MB in size.

Next Big Update Already Scheduled

Many were discussing potential issues with the iPhone 15’s hardware. Some believed it could be due to the new processor or the titanium components. However, according to Apple, the primary culprits seem to be software-related problems. In addition, Apple has cautioned that using a USB-C charger could lead to your phone getting too hot.

In response to user concerns, Apple has already resolved some data transfer problems encountered by new iPhone 15 owners. Furthermore, they are currently in the process of testing a significant update known as iOS 17.1. It will ensure the iPhone 15 heating issue never resurfaces while fixing bugs and performance issues.

Stay tuned with us to learn more about such updates!

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