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Infosys provides software service to Toyota arm in the US

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Telematics software for Toyota

On 13 August 2019, Infosys, global software major said it would provide telematics software to Toyota, a car maker company to its material handling department in the US on its cloud platform.

Infosys stated “Toyota Material Handling North America has selected us for a cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) telematics product implementation with application support and development for its SAP platform.

Japanese auto giant will use telematics solutions to improve business performance, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing productivity.

Infosys further, stated “As the development partner for global telematics solution (GTS), we will enable remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, including vehicle access control, system maintenance, condition sensing and location tracking of Toyota’s subsidiary in the US.”

Outsourcing will help Toyota in providing better service

Considering the Toyota’s present and experience in the global market, outsourcing will help Toyota’s arm to get useful data that will them to provide better service and improve its after sale experience for consumers of the company.

The IT behemoth stated “We will also provide SAP application maintenance services to the Toyota arm through its service offering that enables smart governance, higher productivity, business satisfaction and efficiency.”

On the occasion, Jasmeet Singh, global head for manufacturing said, “It is essential for firms to focus on opportunities to transform their business as Toyota arm is doing. GTS has the potential to transform communication between different teams and provide insights to add value to the business.”

Toyota subsidiary plants produce 1,500 forklifts per week

Alan Csereznyak, Toyota arm’s Chief Information Officer said, “Since we see greater customer demands, we believe we can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology as we go through digital transformation. As we are focusing on providing a better customer experience, we feel Infosys is the right partner in this area.”

The Toyota has three business divisions, including Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Inc., Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc.; and Raymond Corporation.

Toyota subsidiary’s three plants produce 1,500 forklifts per week locating at Greene in New York, Columbus in Indiana and Muscatine in Lowa.



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