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Influxdata and VMware cooperate to optimize the accumulated data from IoT devices

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Influxdata and VMware integrate their technology for the optimization of streaming data collected from IoT gadgets

InfluxData, an open source purpose-built time series database has declared that its technology will integrate with VMware’s Pulse IoT Center, an IoT infrastructure management solution. The integration system will provide a new way that will improve the capacity of companies to handle the massive amounts of data related to industrial and enterprise IoT task.

InfluxData Enterprise and Kapacitor launched by InfluxData

InfluxDB Enterprise and Kapacitor are two product systems introduced by InfluxData which use VMware Pulse IoT. InfluxDB Enterprise is a database optimized for time series data.

It is utilized for optimization the handling of time series data from connected IoT devices, sensors and infrastructure. Another product, Kapacitor is the real-time stream processing module of the InfluxData platform that analyzes large quantities of sensor data in real time.

VMware Pulse IoT Center used by enterprises

VMware Pulse IoT Center is engaged by enterprises for their IoT device management and monitoring solution. It also allows customers to manage, monitor and secure their IoT systems and connected devices. Furthermore, it simplifies IoT device management and acts as a bridge to fill the gap between information technology and operational technology organizations. The center provides better protection to IoT infrastructure across things, edge, network, and applications.

IoT is a new frontier for enterprise

Mimi Spier, VP of Internet of Things Business at VMware indicated that IoT is a new frontier for the enterprise and the ability to operate at the edge is non-negotiable. Further, he added, “Simply put, there must be edge computing to process data closer to where IoT devices reside, and real-time collecting, visualizing and processing of device metrics and time-series data to deliver insight and competitive advantage. We’re thrilled to collaborate with InfluxData in bringing edge computing capabilities to our mutual customers.”

Brian Mullen, VP of Business Development at InfluxData stated, “With highly capable platforms such as VMware Pulse IoT Center, quickly scaling out an IoT deployment is now easier than ever”. Further, he added “We are thrilled to be working with VMware to bring our open source platform, specifically InfluxDB Enterprise and Kapacitor, to industrial and enterprise IoT developers, enhancing their ability to handle time series data at the IoT edge.”



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