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Indian Online Casinos register Strong Growth during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Over the last 18 months, the world has seen a lot of things that we never expected. COVID-19 pandemic came as a major surprise for everyone and no country was well prepared to deal with the emergency situation caused by coronavirus. United States, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, India and Russia have been among the worst affected countries due to COVID-19.

Medical experts, researchers and virologists were warning governments about the risk of virus epidemics but no one would have imagined the stage that COVID-19 reached and we are still dealing with the rising infections of different variants of coronavirus. Travel sector has been among the worst impacted due to covid-19.

Indian government was also not well prepared for dealing with the situation but NDA government took concrete steps to minimize the damage. Compared to many developed nations, Indian Covid-19 response was quite effective. Indian authorities and medical teams were able to contain the first wave of coronavirus with a systematic response. Many people lost their loved ones but the situation could have been worse if the government hadn’t announced strict lockdowns.

According to the MOHFW data, there are 378,100 active cases in India (as on September 1, 2021) and nearly 440 thousand people have lost their life.

India is also running the largest ever vaccination program and on certain occasions, more than 10 million vaccination shots have been given on a single day. Indian government managed to give over 640 million doses as of September 2021. The high vaccination rate has been effective in dealing with the third wave of coronavirus. 

Domestic air travel has been running smoothly since September 2020 but commercial international flights are still facing a ban in India. India is currently allowing flights only with special arrangement with certain airlines that are following strict protocols.

Strict Lockdown Announced by Indian Government

Indian government was among the first to announce partial lockdown in March 2020, followed by a strict local lockdown, closely monitored by State authorities. No one could have expected that the life will come to such a screeching halt and lockdowns at such a level could be implemented. However, Indian authorities, police and state governments were strict about lockdowns. The first wave of COVID-19 was controlled across India and the cases declined by September 2020.

While the vaccine was still under development, strict lockdowns and extensive testing led to a decline in the number of infections. However, Indian government and Health Ministry missed to predict the second wave of coronavirus. The second wave was difficult to deal with. As the number of cases started rising quickly, patients needing critical were not able to get a bed in hospital. Another major trouble was shortage of oxygen in many cities across India.

COVID-19 pandemic leads to rise in Online Casino and iGaming Segment in India

While Covid-19 led to disruption for many sectors, online entertainment and remote services sector registered strong growth. Online casinos witnessed a surge during lockdowns and that growth has impressed industry experts. Indian online casino, sports betting and iGaming sectors have seen impressive growth in user base. Gaming industry veterans feel that the growth in India will continue as people will shift to online casino and gaming.

Sports betting segment has been another popular way for Indians to try their luck (especially after lottery was banned in many states). While the traditional betting is high risk and it is even illegal in India, online sports betting has been gaining popularity as it is a safe way to bet. Online sports betting platforms operating in India are audited by reputable gaming agencies in Europe and most of these platforms are supported by major gaming companies registered in Europe or North America.

There are many platforms operating in the Indian market but sometimes, too many options also make it difficult to choose the right one. There are many important factors to consider before choosing an online casino. Bettors can check real reviews by India casino info on online casinos operating in India and choose the platform that suits them. Users can read detailed reviews on different platforms and games offered by those platforms on India casino info.

Live dealer games offer an impressive interface for players. Bettors can always contact the dealer or other users in live dealer games. Live chat option is also available. The fast and high definition graphics turn it into an amazing experience for bettors.

Making an informed choice is important as people usually stick on the same platform, once they have signed up. There are many transparent and reliable online casinos operating in India but bettors should always consider free spins, bonuses and special freebies offered by casinos.

The vaccination drive across the world has been going on at an impressive pace over the last few months and hopefully, we will soon see the situation returning back to normal. The online casino and sports betting segment will continue to grow and Indian bettors will have wide choice of games and platforms in future. 

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