Finance a Home Remodel

10 Ways to Finance a Home Remodel During This Pandemic.

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The prevailing global pandemic has made people stay at their homes for a long time now. A lot of people have also begun to work from home. 

Since people spend a lot of their time at home now, they feel the urge to remodel their homes. Urges like repainting your room, creating your workspace, remodeling your garden, or simply adding freestanding tubs to your bathroom, will cost you more than you can think.

But what if we say that all these different remodelings to your house could be done on a small budget? 

Yes, it is possible. In this article, we have gathered some ways for you to apply or utilize to remodel your home during this pandemic. 

Let us dive straight into the topic!

Finance Ideas for Home Remodel

Financing for a home remodel during a pandemic is not going to be an easy job. Even if you wish to have a bathroom with a freestanding tub, it is going to cost you a hefty amount. As the free standing bath tub is basically more expensive than a built-in tub. And also you need to make space for it in your bathroom and also have a reinforced floor as they are heavy. 

But do not spend any more minutes wondering about the costs. Below are some ways for you to practice in order to finance a home remodel during this pandemic.

  1. Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Credit card is something that people are more familiar with. With a credit card, you can spend money up to your credit limit. And later, to spend more, you will have to pay your balance to access more money. 

These can be used at places that accept credit cards. One of its benefits is that they sometimes provide you with good offers which are very beneficial to you.

And also, you only pay interest on what you have spent. Fast funding is also another added advantage of credit cards. 

  1. Personal Loans

Finance a Home Remodel

Another familiar method would be personal loans. Personal loans are not secured loans as there is no collateral. They are based only on your credit score and credit history. You will receive a specific amount of cash that can be put to use as per your wish. 

They do have fixed rates and terms. You will be asked to pay the borrowed amount in set installments within a stipulated time.  

This process mostly happens online, and the approval process for personal loans is usually quick. When compared to credit cards, the rates set for personal loans are relatively small. 

  1. Upgrade Cards

Finance a Home Remodel

Upgrade cards can be used at places that accept VISA. But cannot be used at ATMs. The money that was spent with an upgrade card every month will be converted into a fixed-rate payment. 

These rates are lower than that of traditional credit cards. With this card, you have the feature to send money directly to the bank. 

You will only pay interest for the money that you have spent and not more than that.  

  1. Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Finance a Home Remodel

The Home equity line of credit is more similar to a credit card. You will be allowed to borrow money as much as you want up to your credit limit. 

When you have paid the spent balance you get to borrow some more money. For this, you will need to own your home as the credit line is based on the equity of your home and your credit. 

Some of its benefits include low interests and tax deductions. But it is not best suitable for fast funding as it can take a long time. 

  1. Cash-Out Refinance

Finance a Home Remodel

Cash-out refinance is where you restore the existing mortgage with a new mortgage. And this amount is more than you owe on your home. 

You will also need to have owned your home and also own some equity in order to qualify for the cash-out refinance. 

With this, you can make simplified and predictable payments. Since it could take weeks for the process, it is not best suitable if you are in a hurry. 

  1. Savings


This is one of the best and practical ways to finance a home remodel during this pandemic. 

Every penny that you have earned and saved can be put to use at this rough period. With savings, you need not worry about paying interest or credit card bills. 

You can spend the money as you like. You won’t need approval from anybody to spend the money. 

  1. DIY

Finance a Home Remodel

DIY, Do it yourself. This is another best and easy way to finance a home remodel during this pandemic.

If you do it yourself, you need not worry about giving money to anybody or pay interest or credit card bills. 

For instance, you can paint your room for a workspace or if you want to add a modern free standing tub, you can do it yourself as for bathroom remodeling most of the money will be spent for labor alone. 

You can avoid that by doing it yourself. 

  1. Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Designer

If you are up for designing or remodeling your kitchen, you can employ some kitchen designers. 

There are so many kitchen designers available who can give a custom look to your kitchen. They are professionals who know what to do. 

They are specialized in what they do. Additionally, they have the right materials, and a network of contacts to get your job done at a budget-friendly rate. 

  1. Remodeling Contractors

Remodeling Contractors

These are professionals who have an organization to conduct remodeling tasks. Remodeling contractors can provide you with ideas on how you can change a space into something beautiful.

For instance, to remodel your garden you can hire remodeling contractors who do a better job than you can ever do. 

You can pay them in cash as they finish every task or after the whole completion of the project. 

  1. Design-Build Firm

Design-Build Firm

The design-build firms are quite costly but you can take your time in paying them. These are people who have got professional designers and architects at their firms.

They can conduct the task neatly and professionally. By employing a design-build firm, you need not worry about paying them immediately as you can pay them once you have saved money or borrowed a personal loan. 

Final Thoughts

Home remodeling could be a tedious job that can cost you a lot of money if not planned properly. You will have to know your budget and know what to do to your house before you start on anything. 

With the above-mentioned ways, you can finance your home remodel during this pandemic. 

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