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How Immune System Enhancement Is Driving Business Productivity

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Research shows that businesses that invest in their employees’ health and well-being are more profitable than competitors. But that’s not all: those who are committed to their workforce’s health and well-being also have superior stock performance.

Need more stats to conclude that a healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce? No problem: research by Oxford University’s Saïd Business School shows that happy workers are 13% more productive than their discontented colleagues. And no, this doesn’t mean they work more hours – they are simply more productive within their time at work.

This all should come as no surprise to managers and employers in general: you know, from experience, that the healthier and happier your workforce is, the fewer sick days they take and the more engaged they tend to be on the job. This all to say, if you’re looking for ways to boost your workforce’s efficiency and, ultimately, your bottom line, your best bet is to invest in your employee’s health and well-being. 

Here’s exactly how you can do that.

Boosting Your Employees’ Health

Companies increasingly recognize that investing in employee health pays off, which is why we’re seeing more and more health initiatives becoming standard in workplaces. Nutrition and fitness programs, in particular, have proven to boost employee health and mental well-being, so they’re definitely worth the investment.

Now, when we say “investment,” we don’t mean you need to spend millions of dollars to make a difference. Even small but thoughtful changes can impact your team’s health and productivity. Here are some practical ways to boost your workforce’s health, starting with nutrition and fitness programs; if these seem like too much for your budget, just skip to the other suggestions.

Nutrition Programs

It’s no secret that many employees reach for snacks and junk food when on the job; it’s easier and faster than packing a healthy lunch every day.

To help your team make better dietary choices and improve their immunity, provide access to healthy foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious snacks. If possible, partner up with local vendors to deliver fresh, balanced meals to your employees.

Fitness Programs

Regular physical exercise is crucial for health and a healthy stress reliever. While this is true for everyone, it’s particularly important for employees with sedentary jobs. 

To encourage exercise, offer fitness classes or subsidized memberships to local gyms. The best option would be an on-site gym, so if your space and budget allow it, consider building one.


Supplements are an easy and relatively affordable way to boost your team’s health. While a balanced diet is essential, good-quality supplements can fill in nutritional gaps and really improve your team’s energy and focus. 

The best way to support your immunity with supplements is to take high-quality options designed to reinforce your natural resistance to illness. Another option is a simple vitamin D supplement; since most people are not getting enough vitamin D through regular sun exposure, why not provide your team with vitamin D supplements on a monthly basis?

Ergonomic Workspaces

To prevent physical strain and injuries and help your employees stay comfortable as they work, create an ergonomic workspace for them. 

Start with adjustable desks and comfortable, well-padded, also adjustable chairs. This will go a long way in supporting proper posture and helping prevent back and neck pain. You should also ensure that workspaces have adequate lighting to reduce eye strain and headaches. Natural light is best, but well-placed artificial lighting can also be effective.

Mental Health Support

Stress increases cortisol, which can weaken the immune system. Offering mental health support and making sure your employees have a good work-life balance can help them manage stress more effectively.

For example, employee assistance programs (EAPs) can help employees deal with personal or work-related issues. What if your employees work too hard? Allowing them to set their own schedules, as well as encouraging them to take paid time off regularly, can help.

Final Thoughts

Healthy and happy employees equal productive and hard-working employees. By investing in employee health initiatives, you can significantly boost your team’s immune health and mental well-being, which will not only benefit your team but also push your business forward.



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