The Horrendous Task of Multi Cloud Management

The Horrendous Task of Multi Cloud Management

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In this hybrid world operating on multi cloud sounds clever. But is it as simple to handle it as to choose to operate on the multi cloud? The answer is obviously NO!

When it comes to dealing with the multi cloud management, business owners feel trapped under the ‘cost control’. This makes the business owners juggle for the large monthly or annual expenses from cloud providers. Though, multi cloud means more flexibility, more control, more protection against failures, etc. But with this comes more to manage.

So, with an aim to assure some ease to the business owners, here are some important points discussed below that will not shed all the burdens of the horrendous task of multi cloud management, but yes, will definitely help to reduce some.

Choosing a Direction to go

The very important step is to choose a direction you want to go. Create a perfect plan for that and manage and monitor everything. Count your cloud resources to optimizing your multi-cloud strategy. First, establish a business model for your business which will help in tracking resources against business objectives and then determine a practical way to track it. Then you will have to proceed towards mapping business services to cloud resources and costs using service management tools.

Ensure that there are no gaps in your IT Structure

It is very important to know the importance of multi cloud system for your business,  your business needs it or not? Make sure that the cloud providers you have selected are offering all the services you need or not. Also, ensure that there are no unidentified gaps in your IT infrastructure. It is always good to map your entire network to get an idea of any potential issues, access control problems, security vulnerabilities, etc. It is always great if your cloud service providers are sending you updated reports on the regular basis.

Focus on Automating Low Level Tasks

It is really helpful to automate the functioning of low-level cloud services when it comes to operating multi cloud system.  It will help you save costs, while simultaneously streamline business operations. You can automate incident response, scaling processes, alerts, and updates too. Also, after automating the tasks make sure to track how you have allocated them among the different cloud service providers and how they are working.

Get Insights of Your Users

It is really important for you to track and know the behavior of your end user. The way they are handling multi-cloud solution will provide you more insight about the way you are handling your multi cloud systems and the changes you need to incorporate as per the demands of the end users. It will be great if you get to know the apps they are using and the way your multi cloud system helping them into it.  This will update you about the correct information like, the most used services, the devices that are being used by the end users, the network information, the purpose and also the duration of the services used. A regular report of all these factors will prove beneficial for you in terms of shedding the similar functionality and continue focusing on the ones that maximize business’ efficiency.

Get ready to invest for the future

To secure a better future in multi cloud strategy, you need to be ready to invest for a good future. Because a good managed multi-cloud approach can prove to be a path to cost and resource optimization. This is the reason, you can not think about cutting every corner, especially in the early stages of implementation, because if you do so there are very less chances that you can find any advantages of multi cloud implementation.

Learn to Work on Cost Optimization

While getting future ready, it is also important to learn how to work on cost optimization. Select an area where you need to focus and work on that relentlessly. You can start with the CMP tool that will help you in cost analysis of similar workloads when placed in different clouds. As these relatively new tools mature, keeping close tabs on their capabilities for provisioning, migration, monitoring, integration, and orchestration capabilities, will also offer a great benefit.

Refrain From Making Multi-Cloud Same as Any Cloud

Always remember that using the multi cloud system your aim is to make the process easy and smooth and not complicated.  So, make sure that the process is not getting delayed or the end user is not confronting any problem because of the multi cloud functioning. If the end user is confronting problems or you are unable to track the issues that are out of your control, it is better to withdraw the idea of using the multi cloud system or just cope up with the situation and work on the betterment of it.

All in all, there is a growing number of businesses switching to multi cloud systems to improve in every single aspect of the services offered. It is the increase in critical workloads and demand for massive storage space that is making business go for multi cloud systems. With the help of aforementioned points it will be really easy for the business persons to cope up with the horrendous task of multi cloud management.



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