Healthcare services now become technically sound

Healthcare services now become technically sound

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Over the years, technology has influenced every aspect of human life. Right from networking to communications, automotive to industrial, education to healthcare, each sector has been widely studied, explored and digitalized.

Renowned academician and coordinator of  Health Information Technology, David Blumenthal has quoted, “Information is the lifeblood of medicine and health information technology is destined to be the circulatory system for that information.”

Human nature is known to be less receptive to changes. It takes time to change the mentality and perception of a common man. Healthcare sector is the most important area where technology has played a crucial role. The most important factor is accessibility of these modern healthcare services to the common man at lower costs.

For under developed and developing countries, economy is the ruling factor. However, due to vast development in technologies, it has become possible to reach and target the remotest areas with lastest medical services.

The average life of an individual has now increased upto 30 years. Technologically sound medicial sector has the potential to tackle diseases and infections right from cough and cold to cancer and tuberculosis. There are large number of prognostic and diagnostic tests along with treatments that are currently made available only due to technology. Hence, when an individual is feeling sick, services such as laboratory tests and radiography helps in diagnosing the illness.

According to the type and progression of the disease, large number of treatments and hospital facilities are available to cater the needs of an individual. Digitalization in the healthcare system has created an uproar , thereby increasing the longevity and life span of an individual.

Modern day doctors and medical practitioners have welcomed the advanced technological services with open arms. This has enabled them to serve large number of patients in a lesser time.

Rationale behind the healthcare revolution

The main objective of this initiative was to provide low cost, simplified, easily accessible and advanced services to every strata of population throughout the globe. Connectivity and networking has made it possible to reach almost every nook and corner of the world. Now that the services are only a click away, personal health and maintenance can be aimed at. This will help the people to choose better and healthier lifestyles to elevate their health span.

  1. Current Digital Apps To Monitor Health

From Apple’s watch series to mobile apps like iCare health monitor and My Fitness Pal, real time health status can be viewed. Nowadays, people have become techno savy and know how to access mobile phones nad computers. They have started realizing the importance of living a healthy life. In the mobility sector, daily large number of apps are devised on Android and Windows platform that can update the individual about his health. Informations on heartbeat, pulse, body temperature, vision, hearing, SpO2 and breath rates are available at a mere touch.

  1. Easier Ways To Lead A Disease-Free Life

It has often been observed that people who are constantly active tend to live a healthy life. The career driven professionals,  businessmen, housewives, etc. are continuously involved in their routine. They have a sense of purpose and aim to complete the tasks at hand. It has been proven that, daily exercise and  yoga aids in maintaining a stress free mind and healthier body.

Isolation and loneliness cause depression and fatigue, which could be fatal for an individual.  Along with physical activity, social connectivity is also very significant. Since, man is called a social animal, his interaction and awareness of the society plays a critical role in his development.

There are many perceptions of different people indicating that advanced technology can have adverse effects on the minds of individuals. However, it all depends on the ability of a person to view it. At the end of the day, services, and other utilities provided by the technology are made for the man, by the man. One should choose things that will aid in his productivity and personal life. In all, technology has proven to be useful in every aspect of life, especially the healthcare sector.

Mrs. Anuja Mulmule (Content Writer)



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