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7 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily

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Please make your beer bong; it’s much simpler than you think. Much more anticipated fun awaits once the beer bong is ready, but let us tell you something: DIYing a beer bong is fun!

Furthermore, it will be less expensive than purchasing the same old, boring beer bongs online. Moreover, you can personalize the beer bong’s type, size, and length to your preferences.

Looking for a unique and exciting way to consume beer? So, why not make your beer bong at home? You could also make wine or champagne bongs or become an alcoholic! We’ve compiled a list of 7 incredible DIY beer bong ideas to occupy your imagination. Furthermore, these DIY beer bongs are much less expensive than the ready-made ones available in stores and online.

So, read on for 7 DIY beer bong ideas to prepare for a fun night out drinking! DIY beer bong ideas are ideal for partygoers and provide hours of entertainment. You can make DIY beer bongs in any size or shape you want; they can be made from any material, design, and length! To make DIY beer bong ideas work, all you need is a little imagination, a few glasses, and some patience.

1. DIY beer bong concepts

It’s more fun to drink beer from a boring beer mug when you’re not drinking it. With one of the many DIY beer bongs listed in this article, you can bring parties to life. Making your bong is a relatively simple and quick process.

You can fill them with sand, ice, or whatever you want to keep the beer cold! There are numerous DIY bong ideas to choose from. Here are some easy and straightforward beer bong ideas for parties and celebrations. You can make these inventive beer bongs at home.

2. The perfect DIY beer bong

If you’re throwing a party but don’t know what to do with the beer? So, do you need something quick and cheap to keep your friends happy? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you!

Why not make a one-dollar beer bong? It’s simple, inexpensive, and simple to make, and it

works. This is the Most Epic DIY Beer Bong Ever! We’ve all had this experience: you know where you could use another beer but don’t have enough money to buy one; don’t worry! Make your epic beer bong with a bag of ice, a funnel, and some plastic tubing! 

3. Mermaid beer bong

Make a Mermaid Beer Bong as a gift for your mermaid-obsessed friends. You can make a lovely mermaid beer bong with just the six supplies. It’s not only lovely, but it’s also inexpensive and simple. This could be the best gift if you have a friend who likes mermaids and drinks.


Make your unique beer bong at home! You can drink for more extended periods and enjoy your drinking time more with a larger capacity. Have more inhibitions because the liquor goes down much faster through this beer bong, and the pressure easily squeezes the brew into your stomach!

A quick and straightforward way to save money, reduce landfill waste, and keep everyone healthier. Try this if a party without a beer bong isn’t a party. I believe it is obvious that alcohol will flow faster through this beer bong than through a standard bong. The vacuum created by the difference in atmospheric pressure will hasten the intoxication process, and I won’t need to drink as much.

5. How to make the ULTIMATE beer bong

This is the way to go when drinking games, particularly beer pong. This fantastic beer bong holds four beers and is simple to make. In addition, I’ll show you some optional steps to increase the fun and get you drunk much faster!

Fill the four slots on the funnel’s top with the beer you want to consume! Drink them straight from the horn if you don’t want to wait for beers to finish. You can make an incredibly excellent beer funnel that holds a LOT of beer using gravity and a few household items.

6. Diy | Flabongo (Flamingo beer bong)

This Flamingo beer bong is extremely simple to make and should cost no more than $10. An old lamp, PVC pipes, a plastic flamingo lawn decoration, and solo cups are all used in this project. This project can be completed in less than 30 minutes and will liven up any party!

The Flamingo beer bong will provide a fun experience for everyone at the party, especially if it is turned into a creative drinking game. The DIY bong isn’t just for beer; you can fill it with any liquid and enjoy it! If you’re thinking about getting a flamingo, let me tell you that it’s only worth it if it’s this DIY Flamingo beer bong!

7. Homemade beer bong

Fortunately, the young man in this video does not consume alcohol. However, he makes one of the most inventive and clever manual beer bongs. Who knew a Christmas present of cardboard sleds could be such an ingenious device?

When you think about it, this DIY beer bong is one of the best ways to drink beer because it enhances the flavor of your favorite brew, and you’ll undoubtedly want to add this bong to your collection.

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