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What Does Highlighted Comment mean on YouTube?

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YouTube has evolved from a basic video-sharing platform to a massive social media network that aids in human connectivity in a short period of time. According to 2020 estimates, YouTube is the second most popular app, with a monthly active user base of 2,000,000,000.

The platform is home to over 31 million YouTube channels. In order to make money, every YouTuber makes videos and promotes them on the platform. “Highlighted Comment,” a new feature on YouTube, was launched recently. Many individuals across the world have been perplexed by this development and they want to know what does highlighted comment mean on YouTube

Let’s get started explaining this to you. 

What does a Highlighted Comment mean on YouTube?

Like everyone else, are you thinking about what does highlighted comment mean on YouTube? Well, YouTube has implemented a new feature called comment highlighting to make viewing comments easier. Anyone may draw attention to a remark in a video, regardless of who made it or who simply watches it. Click on the timestamp next to a YouTube user’s name and you’ll be taken directly to that user’s video library.

The advantage to a viewer is obvious if they’ve a highlighted comment. People will be alerted when someone replies to their remark by seeing the message “Highlighted Reply.” However, this function is most useful to the person who created the video in the first place. When a remark is highlighted by the video’s owner, it’s easier for them to respond to it and find it later in the large comment pool.

It simply improves the browsing experience by making it easier to navigate. It’s now simpler to see highlighted comments since they’ve been placed above the remark that’s already been pinned. Whenever someone highlights a remark on YouTube, a unique URL is generated for that comment. Changing it back requires returning the URL to its original state.

Because of the highlighted comment function, YouTubers can easily distinguish between useful feedback and irrelevant trolls. Before this functionality, finding and responding to relevant comments was a chore.

Highlighted Comment: What does it look like?

To begin, let’s be clear about what we’re discussing. A comment marked as a Highlighted comment may appear in the YouTube comments area under a video. A light gray label appears over the commenter’s name with the label.

Comment responses may also be highlighted by YouTube, although the phrasing will be somewhat different: Highlighted Reply. 

YouTube’s commenting has steadily improved, with the site urging viewers to be kind in their comments. Another minor enhancement is the use of highlighted comments.

How to make your comment highlighted?

The skill of getting your comment on a popular video to stand out on YouTube is not less than an art. YouTube hasn’t made it easy for you. The benefits of having your YouTube comment highlighted are almost endless.

If you want an HC tag for your YouTube comment, there are a few easy actions you must do. We will go through these procedures in more detail below. You should begin by locating the most appropriate or relevant video material for your channel.

As an example, as a YouTuber who specializes in technical information, you should seek for famous videos or channels in the same genre, in this instance technical expertise. A viewer is more likely to examine the comments on a video if the channel is well-liked. Only if your remark is prominently shown on the sites of well-known YouTubers will you reap the benefits.

Are there any benefits of Highlighted Comments?

A YouTube highlighted comment is useful since it’s a time saver. This is particularly valid if you’re trying to make your channel more effective.

YouTube is without a doubt the second most popular search engine on the internet. Highlighted comments have the ability to enhance your content’s reach and, as a result, the visibility of your business.

As previously said, these are the first comments to appear in the comment area. Many people who watch videos will, of course, also read the comments area to see what other people have to say about it.

In addition to interacting, they look at the commentators’ channels and profiles while they’re at it. Viewers often go to these channels’ sites and subscribe if they like what they see in the videos. Your YouTube channel may be included if your comment is highlighted.

Tips for Writing a Highlighted Comment

Many people search online for ways to increase the likelihood of their YouTube comment being pinned, or highlighted. The key is in the way you phrase your comment. Here are some useful hints from the experts to get you started:

  • To begin, go through all of the feedback left by viewers on YouTube’s video. It’ll assist you in figuring out what’s lacking. Make a comment or write about what you think is lacking in plain and simple language. Also, don’t forget to compliment the YouTuber on their skills.
  • Keep in mind that no one has the time to read lengthy responses. Shorten your sentences when you have a clear idea of what you want to convey. A comment that is brief and to the point gets the reader’s attention better.
  •  As soon as you have drafted your response, check to see whether it is accurate in every way. The two biggest search engines in the world, Google and YouTube, despise mistakes in grammar.
  •  Do not press the publish button just yet. Prior to posting, double-check that your comment has all of the aforementioned components.
  •  Finally, you’ll have to wait a few minutes after posting in the video’s comment area before you can respond. A YouTubers comments will be highlighted if they comply with YouTube rules and the search engine identifies them as being distinctive.


For beginners, YouTube may be a daunting marketing tool. Everyone on YouTube would want to see an increase in the popularity of their channel over the previous day. However, despite the fact that the highlighted comment or highlighted reply function does not directly benefit your YouTube channel, it may assist optimize it.

It may help you establish contact with new visitors and grow your subscriber base. What matters is how many of them stick around and click the “Subscribe” button, and that number is entirely dependent on how much they like what you have to say in your video content.

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