How Health Communities have grown during the Pandemic?

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  • 4,800 testing locations to support underserved communities.
  • Providing 24 million vaccines to administered communities
  • Giving mental health counseling to underserved people.

Community-based testing sites

Over the past one and half year, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown many issues which were already there within the health care system: the interdependence between the health of community and the personal health.

CVS Health has been resolving such issues for many years, hence now they are putting efforts to bring an end to the pandemic. More than 4,800 testing locations support underserved communities, defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Social Vulnerability Index.

With no or minimal access to transportation to get CVS Pharmacy location, there were community-based testing sites that were set up with the help of collaboration with local organizations. This includes free and charitable clinics, churches, and other trusted community resources.

Turning a corner on the Pandemic

Health Communities

Once the vaccines are available, a similar approach is taken for reaching out to communities that have been improperly affected by COVID-19. Since then more than one-third of the nearly 24 million administered vaccines have been provided to underrepresented minority communities (Black, Hispanic, and Native American), marks the highest than the overall national average.

With the huge amount of people getting vaccinated every day made the country to be turning a corner on the pandemic. While everyone wants to go back to normal, it is also important to understand the urge of underlying community health issues that were brought in concern during the pandemic.

Community Health a Business Strategy

Improving community health isn’t just support through philanthropic activities or investments – it’s one of the primary goals to influence overall strategy. In past times, young people and people of color have suffered immensely from mental health issues, this has increased the share of pediatric emergency visits.

To resolve this, licensed therapists have been added, primarily focusing on supporting mental well-being as a part of the Minute Clinic care teams at select Health HUB locations around Houston, Philadelphia, and Tampa.

Through this program, people will get help with mental health counseling services more accessible and convenient, prioritizing the undeserved population struggling.

“Getting back to Normal”

It is necessary to understand that mental health problems just can’t be resolved by few people and this is going to take lots of effort to make it go well. But, we also need to understand that with the widespread presence across the nation, there is still an opportunity to make a real difference. Through building healthier communities is not strong enough and it won’t result in just “getting back to normal,” but it will help in improving the health of the country, and one community at a time.

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