How A Great Photographer Can Bring Your Headshot To Life

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Great headshots are an absolute necessity in today’s digital society. As more people work from home and start exciting new businesses, headshot photography is what helps identify an online persona. It is typically a picture of someone from the shoulders up and most often in a professional capacity. Headshots may be used in publications and business directories as well as on websites and digital profiles.

Since this picture will likely be your digital identification, you’ll want to get the very best headshots Phoenix can offer. This is not the time to work with a close friend who has a decent camera. For great headshots, you’ll want to work with an agency that specializes in these professional photos, like CMQ Headshots. To get the best headshots Phoenix has to offer, you’ll need to pay for them, but it will be well worth the investment. Here’s how great photographers work to bring your headshots to life.

Adjusted Lighting

Lighting is essential to any photographs and especially to great headshots. The best photographers have 2 light sources, usually one below the subject and one above them. The light should be bright enough to mimic natural daylight in both instances. Placing the light sources off-center helps to establish some definition in the subject’s photo. It’s also important to have adequate lighting in front of the subject model and appropriate reflectors behind them to reduce potential shadows.

Get Comfortable

Many people are nervous when it’s time to take headshot photos and often look away from the camera. Having the subject model sit on a stool often helps them to relax while maintaining great posture. It also gives them something to do with their hands as they look straight down the camera lens. Subject models can rest their hands on their thighs and relax as they drop their shoulders into a natural position. 

Use Angles

Great photographers who produce the best headshots Phoenix has to offer understand the benefit of angles. They don’t have their subjects look surprised like their name has just been called, but they do use the advantage of directional lighting. They often have the subject model turn their body about 45 degrees, which is just enough to produce adequate definition without being obvious in the photo.

Blurred Background

The best photographers understand that the most important part of a headshot is the subject model. The background should not be too busy, and there should be no sharp lines behind the model. Great headshot photographers use special equipment to blur the background behind the model. Subject models are never right up against a wall or any other background because they need to be the focus of the picture.  

The Best Headshots Phoenix Has to Offer

An experienced photographer can create the best headshots Phoenix has to offer while making the subject model appear life-like. They will first ensure the subject model is comfortable and dressed appropriately before using things like lighting and angles to take a great picture. They will also ensure the background is blurred so that the eye is drawn only to the subject model, who is looking directly down the camera lens. These are just a few of the tricks specialty photographers use to bring great headshots to life. 

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