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Google’s Gradual shift towards the Go-Green Initiative

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Alphabet Inc’s Google has recently become the biggest company in the world to publically commit to the go- green initiative. Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, confirmed that the company will stimulate its data hubs and offices with renewable energy by 2030.

Sundar Pichai, described the move as a “stretch goal”, stating that it will force Google to move past the tech industry standards of offsetting carbon emissions from electricity use. He added, “The problem is so immense, many of us need to lead the way and show solutions.”

We have already witnessed severe wildfires burning occurrence this month, which have raised public awareness of climate change. Consequently, if the environmental issues are not resolved it will lead to more earthquakes, firestorms and droughts, and more. Google wants to bring the initiative into limelight through its new goal as well as product features.

Google has been carbon neutral since 2007 and has also planted trees and induced carbon credits. Despite this, the company is globally one of the biggest consumers of power annually. Thus, it is optimistic to curb the carbon emission and link with batteries to store solar power overnight, ascending foundations such as geothermal reservoirs and better management of power needs.

The future goals of the company include,

  • Bringing 5 Gigawatts of renewable energy near some suppliers
  • Funding tree plantation beyond its offset needs
  • Globally, sharing data or building partnerships with 500 governments to cut 1 Gigaton of carbon emissions yearly by 2030

Although, Sundar Pichai feels that Google is only a small player in this go-green initiative but the company might set an example for others. Before Google, many other big companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have targeted shortening the carbon footprint but none have publicly set a goal for the same.

Here are the top 5 companies across the globe aspiring to follow the Green rule in 2020 

  1. McDonald:

Go-Green Initiative

McDonald’s is one of the well renowned largest food industries, inculcating the Go green initiative by assimilating the outcomes of fats foods on people’s health reducing their overall energy consumption. Furthermore, the company has shifted to energy-efficient appliances and shortened the energy wastage by 25% during the business activities. It also has set up green parking lots by conserving them only for hybrid vehicles. Moreover, McDonald’s use concentrated means to obtain animal products to limit their impact on destroying animal habitats.

  1. Dell:

Go-Green Initiative

Dell is the next popular manufacturer company of computer equipment. Dell has promoted the safe disposal of its products by proposing an effective and efficient recycling program. It has allowed customers to return any Dell- brand device which needs safe disposal to reduce e-waste count. The company even accepts computers, printers, and monitors from other labels.

  1. Wal-mart:

Go-Green Initiative

Wal-Mart has made advancements in green courses in their supply chain operations. As it is one of the world’s biggest retailers, the company amazed its competitors when it assembled a strict policy to prohibit suppliers who are manufacturing, processing, and distribution methods that contributed to huge carbon emissions. Wal-mart also utilizes 100% renewable energy resources and its transportation system maintenance on fuel- efficiency.

  1. Honda:

Go-Green Initiative

Honda is an auto company. The company has contributed a lot of resources to producing fuel-efficient vehicles. The company is constantly looking forward to developing a hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle. As of now, Honda is ranked as one of the most fuel-efficient auto producers in the US. The company pledges to raze its carbon dioxide emissions. The auto- industry is researching intending to envision a day when most cars will depend on hydrogen fuel as opposed to gasoline.

  1. Starbucks:

Go-Green Initiative

Starbucks is well known as one of the most popular coffee shops. Apart from that, it’s among the list of top companies going green. The company has applied measures such as bean – to – cup and the ingenious use of recycled coffee grounds while manufacturing their coffee tables. Starbucks is also in collaboration with various environmental organizations, one of them is the Earthwatch Institute.



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