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Google’s New File transferring feature similar to AirDrop

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Earlier this year, Google launched Android Beam which was an NFC method. The NFC method simply allowed users to place their phones back and back, and the media was shared. But shortly after Android Q was announced, Android Beam lost the fans.

Apple iPhone has its own file sharing feature which is loved by all know as AirDrop. The Android users have been waiting for a file-sharing method like AirDrop.

According to reports, Google is working on a new feature similar to AirDrop. The feature will allow the user to share files between a variety of devices including Android and Chromebooks. The feature is named as “Fast Share”. The feature would use Bluetooth to wirelessly transmit photos, text, and other media files.

File Share seems to be an Android Beam replacement and an AirDrop competitor which is soon to release.

How it will work

The new Fast Share feature will allow you to share media files even if the receiving end has no internet connection. The feature works more-or-less like the well-known app ShareIt. However, the Fast Share feature allows cross-platform sharing.

A beta version was available for the people to check out the functionality. The feature is yet not usable, for now. Google has tried to surpass AirDrop, with Files app but that needed you to download the app on the receiving end which makes it less easy to use and understand than a system-wide feature that works on multiple platforms.



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