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Clubhouse, Bitclass, BGMI: Application Ruling Google Play’s Best Award

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  • Google is here with a list of applications chosen as the application of the year.
  • The clubhouse has been gaining popularity since the pandemic, and now is the winner of google play’s best app award.
  • Bitclass wins the best application of the year among interactive learning platforms.

Beginning of Google Play Award

Google proclaimed about google play awards in 2016. Besides, the motive was to acknowledge the developer community. The parameters on which the awards are given includes applications’ quality, innovation. And, if they are introducing necessary updates in 12 months. User can provide their opinion as well.

These awards were introduced, to showcase developers’ potential and creativity. In 2020, google decided to create a list of the best five apps belonging to different categories. The gaming category included Indie, competitive, causal and innovative games. The games like Cookie must die, Legends of Runeterra, Bullet echo, Harry Potter puzzles, spells, and fancade were among the gaming category.

The applications like EverMerge, Dream league soccer 2021, Genshin Impact, Harry potter puzzles spells, etc were among the winners. Furthermore, there were other categories such as Everyday essentials and apps for personal growth. Among these two, Calmaria, Grid diary, the pattern, intellect, jumprope, paired were in the list. Other categories were best apps for fun and best apps for food.

In 2021, we have an interactive learning platform as well. Bitclass wins the best application award among the interactive learning platform. Furthermore, in the game field, we have Battlegrounds Mobile India. Clubhouse and Garena free fire max win user’s choice awards.

Learning Applications Leading Google Play Award Best Application

Learning application interfaces are evolving. Besides, this year we have a winner from a learning platform. Bitclass, a learning platform, which is gathering teachers around the world. And, delivering the best learning experience for students.

The platform aims to make education accessible for everyone around the globe. Bitclass is offering many courses, starting from disparate forms of arts, interior designing, business. This learning platform should be called as a learning hub.

Google’s play store is flooded with numerous learning applications. In spite of competing with prominent apps like Vedantu, Unacademy, Brainly, BYJU’s Bitclass was able to achieve the glory.

Battleground Of India: Experience Real-Time Virtual Battle

Battlegrounds mobile India is a gaming application. It was previously known as PUBG MOBILE INDIA. Besides, the gaming platform allows multiple players to play at the same time. The application was developed and published by Krafton.

This application was banned on 2 September 2020. The ban was initiated as PUBG along with other apps were found to be detrimental. Moreover, it was apprised to be the menacing integrity and sovereignty of the nation. However, PUBG was relaunched as BMGI on May 2021. In spite of being banned earlier, it managed to give a tough competition in the market. This game has been played by around 34 million users.

Clubhouse: Indulging Individuals Into A Virtual World

Clubhouse is a social audio application. Initially, it was known as “Talkshow”, but was relaunched as Clubhouse in March 2020.  Furthermore, it commenced the journey with being a startup. And, gained popularity during the pandemic and was reported to have 8.1 million downloads by February 15, 2021. The application is allowing about thousands of users to communicate with one another.

The platform is providing real-time virtual rooms, where people can communicate through audio. Clubhouse allows users to create host as well as co-host which is similar to that of zoom. The wave feature of this application allows users to notify others when they are available for chat. Clubhouse enables users to schedule a meeting by creating events.

After the creation of an event, it is marked in the bulletin. The bulletin notifies users about upcoming events. This feature is accessible on the homepage, at the top and is visible in the form of a calendar icon.

Startups Or Banned, Dedication Matters

The applications such as Bitclass and BGMI which commenced as a startup and were banned are now trending. Moreover, the learning platforms are creating their presence as well. Besides, their dedication is a reason behind them securing Google Play’s best application award. As per an article published on September 3, India is the third-largest startup ecosystem. This is an indication that the growth curve for a startup will soon reach its highest point. All the Indian developers, who are looking to launch a startup, can clearly grow by their own. What matters is dedication, hard work and self-belief.

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