Niantic and Fold Announce Fold AR Game Where Players Can Earn Bitcoin

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Do you remember the popular Pokemon Go that had taken the entire internet by storm? The mastermind behind the popular game has recently announced a new game that will let your earn Bitcoin while you play along!

Part of the Metaverse

Niantic, the developer behind the viral Pokemon Go game, has recently announced a new game in partnership with a cryptocurrency debit card company–Fold.  The new game, dubbed Fold AR, is based around cryptocurrency and users can earn bitcoin by playing the game. According to the company, the game is part of the metaverse and will look identical to Pokemon Go players. 

The game can only be found in the Fold app under a new ‘Play’ tab. After opening the play tab, users can find blocks around themselves and users can tap them to reveal rewards. The Fold app enables users the ability to ‘spin to win’ bitcoin when they make any purchase using the company’s debit card. The latest AR experience extends this by letting players find bitcoin and other prizes are hidden virtually around them in blocks when they access the game via the Fold app. 

The Fold AR

Within every 10 minutes, a new block consisting of fresh bounty is dropped in the vicinity of the player. The blocks spawn within a 50-foot radius of the player and a new block spawns every 10 minutes, mirroring the rate of real bitcoin mining. Once the player taps on the block, a puzzle is revealed, and solving the puzzle results in an explosion of rewards. 

When players claim a block, they can earn satoshis–a small unit of bitcoin–along with other in-app rewards. The rewards in the game include Satoshis, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, extra spins to get rewards on the Fold card, orange pills to protect you from harmful surprises in the game and time extensions to play the game for longer durations. Players can also lose their bitcoin winning if, for instance, they come across a ‘poison pill’.

Additional Benefits

Users necessarily do not have to own a Fold card for playing the game. However, cardholders will be granted additional boosts and prizes. Once the game has been fully released, customers will also be able to hide and trade bitcoin. The Fold app is currently only available in the United States. The launch of this app follows Niantic’s announcement of its metaverse vision earlier in 2021.

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