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Making the Galley Kitchen Design Work for You

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After hijacking the kitchen theme for a long, the trend of the open floor is somewhat waning in popularity as more and more homeowners show growing interest in the closed-off spaces that offer privacy and precision. When discussing such a design, you cannot help but discuss the option of a galley kitchen. Most people feared this kitchen style for its skinny or narrow format. However, there seems to be some change in this sphere as the modern galley kitchens secure a place for themselves in cozier layouts. You may wonder that this style is typical for trains, ships, and planes because they feature elongated space. So, how does it fit in a home? While you are correct, a galley kitchen can become a part of a modern home and thrive too as in other environments.

The reason behind embracing this concept is its affordability and ease of navigation. Because of the narrow layout, you can easily reach out for your kitchen items. Of course, a corridor-style plan can be a bit of an obstruction, but you can also make the most of it through innovative thinking and design inspiration. Some genius tricks can make your galley kitchen look bigger than you could imagine. So, here are some insights to leverage and apply.

Glossy surfaces

The real problem with a skinny kitchen can be its claustrophobic ambiance that often borders on the side of darkness, making your cooking chores slightly tricky. The best way to deal with this is to add reflective paint that creates a sense of brightness and spaciousness in the room. Make sure you choose light shades to avoid the risk of cluttering the overall ambiance. Colors like white will make your kitchen feel more open. However, you can pop colors through other details, such as hanging lights, range hoods, etc. It eliminates the risk of looking dull.

A cozy nook

You cannot deny that these kitchens own a distinctive cozy feeling that doesn’t reflect so quickly in roomy layouts. Anyway, the point is you can play up with this intrinsic characteristic a bit by creating a kitchen nook far back. The kitchen will instantly look inviting and vibrant. You can enhance its coziness by adding cushions and comfortable furniture pieces.

Light color and warm features

Some people don’t feel comfortable with everything white. They want to infuse something that doesn’t reject it but enhances its beauty. You can achieve this by adding wood cabinets in dual tones. If white adds a feeling of openness, wooden bottoms add a dose of much-needed warmth doing away with the risk of coldness.

Open shelves and open sides

The narrow kitchen layout can easily make you feel overwhelmed. You may not want to spend much time here because of the tightness of the space. One way to counter this is to open things up on one side by installing a window above the workstation for light. Likewise, you can add open shelves instead of boxy cabinets that look too heavy.


Whether it’s a narrow or limited space, you want to manage things so that performing daily tasks doesn’t become a burden. You don’t have to adjust things here and there to make space for something else or to do some other job. If you have to do dishes or wash a food item, you would want to accomplish your goal without clearing the space first. A galley kitchen doesn’t give you a luxury of a sprawling countertop. For example, it puts the sink area in focus, where many activities happen. Because it’s a small kitchen, you may not have a dedicated sink space. Instead, it will share the same countertop as the prep area.

So, how do you handle your daily cleaning tasks here? While the sink size is one thing, you can gift it a contemporary faucet that needs only one touch anywhere on its body to run water. No matter how full or packed your sink is, you can wash your dirty or greasy hands without dealing with pots and pans. If you wonder whether an advanced touch-activated tap can be an aesthetic addition, consider equipping your modern galley with gold faucet for an experience. It will clear all your doubts.

Vertical walls

This type of kitchen screams for extra space. But that doesn’t have to bother you as long as your home has tall ceilings. You can install cabinets on the top and use a ladder to access them. This extra storage space will allow you to hide away things that don’t serve your daily needs or you want to get rid of them soon.


Most galley kitchen designs incorporate a highlight that gives them a visual and strategic benefit. For example, they usually flow into another room or corner at the far end, such as a seating nook. What if you cannot incorporate it? Don’t get disappointed yet. Designers suggest that even your stove can be that focal point. However, for this, you have to be careful about your choice of wall colors and other surrounding elements. You can try to contrast the color palette to make things visually interesting.

Things to consider

There are many different galley kitchen designs to explore. Some are more simplistic, while others are more elaborate. No matter what style you prefer, you can always have a perfect galley kitchen to yourself. One popular galley kitchen design is the one-wall kitchen. This type of kitchen is very efficient, as it allows you to have all your appliances and storage space on one wall. Tiny homes or apartments can hugely benefit from this design. Another popular design is the L-shaped kitchen, which allows for more counter space and is perfect for homes with a little extra room to work hassle-free. However, if you are looking for a more elaborate format, consider a U-shaped kitchen. This type of kitchen offers plenty of counter space and storage space. It is perfect for those who love to cook and entertain.
So, be calm and go through all the options until you find the one that is right for you.

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