Free spins on slot machines

Free spins on slot machines: what they are and how to get them

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Is there such a thing as a free lunch? In the 1930s, when the saying was coined, we already knew that someone had to pay for every meal. It’s called “the opportunity cost.” Time, resources, infrastructure, and, last but not least, human labor. It all has a certain value to it.

Yet in the realm of online gambling, you can get a chance to play for virtually nothing. Simply put, the operator rewards you with virtual coins that you can later use while playing Book of Dead, Aviator, and other games without any risk. Expert Marta Novakovskaya points out that you should be able to withdraw the winnings.

Are free spins really free, then? Well, sort of. They are, but seldom. Casino no-deposit bonuses are a good example. In the majority of cases, one needs to deposit a substantial amount of money to get rewarded. Let’s have a closer look at what free spins are and how to get them.

The casinos are on the hunt

While discounts and cashbacks are preferred promotions in e-commerce, the iGaming market deals with several practical obstacles. Firstly, there are no material goods to be sold. Secondly, the casino operators don’t really want to give away money left and right. As a result, online casinos must use creative marketing methods aimed at attracting new players. As in all forms of trade, they also work hard on activating and retaining them.

One of the more widely used advertising strategies are bonuses and promotions. They build brand trust and user loyalty. The so-called free spins (or FSs) are widely looked for among online slots enthusiasts. The question is, how do you get them, how do they work, and what benefits do they bring?

Marketing, not content, is king

Modern online casinos don’t accept cash. As a result, you don’t get any plastic or metal chips. Money, the slots, the craps, the cards, even the random number generator—it all exists only in a computer’s random access memory. This also applies to the coins that we put into the virtual one-armed bandit that is displayed on the computer screen in front of you.

The real casino online won’t reward you with money. Instead, they will let you play their games for free a number of times. To put it another way, each spin of the reels that you can make without reaching for your wallet is a free spin. You can get just one, but they are usually provided in packs of 10, 50, or 500; this all depends on the casino online best.

You need to remember, though, that all casino bonus no deposit free spins are nothing but a tactic. The casino owner is going to use all means to lure you into their virtual parlor. In the end, they hope that you will eventually deposit more and more money into your balance and spend it.

  • Welcome casino free spins – they’re offered to new players who are making their first deposit.
  • Birthday free spins: the name says it all; you’ll get 5, 10, or 15 FS for your birthday.
  • No deposit, no free spins – this is the real deal: your chance to play and win something without spending a penny – visit and learn where to get them. 

It’s no surprise, then, that spins that are advertised as “free” usually come with a catch. Below are the most common ones.

Free spins

Wagering requirement

Now, in order to receive a bunch of free spins, you usually have to make a deposit. No deposit free spins aside, all casino bonuses require you to spend money. A welcome bonus or reload bonus that is rewarded with free spins may be matched to your initial deposit. Usually, the more you pay, the more free spins (or cash) will appear in your bonus balance account.

If it’s your lucky day, you might win $10, $50, or even $1,000 during your bonus game. The bonus T&C is not something you read first after you sign up and are excited or anxious to make your first bet. You’d better read it before you proceed any further!

Free spins can be won during the gameplay too!

Besides being part of bonuses and promotions, casino free spins can be won during your regular gameplay. Plenty of casino video slots trigger free rounds when you land a few identical symbols (they’re called Scatters in most games) in one line or at the same time.

Depending on the game, the more scatters you get, the higher number of free spins will be awarded: 10, 12, 15, or even 30. Some slot developers, like Novomatic, set limits on the number of free spins, while others, like Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, or Nolimit City, will let you win them ad nausea. This varies from one slot to another.


Free spins in online slot machines offer a seemingly risk-free way to engage in gambling. However, players should be cautious and fully understand the terms and conditions associated with these offers. While free spins can provide opportunities to win without initial expenditure, they are primarily a tactic to encourage further spending. As with any form of gambling, it’s important to play responsibly and be aware of the underlying costs associated with these enticing promotions.

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