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Explained: 25 Years of the Netflix Logo

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Every time I look at the Netflix logo, the iconic and funky “tudddduuumm” starts ringing in my ears. The Netflix logo is something to ponder about. Since its launch, the company has made several changes to its logo. Would you believe that the original logo was much different than the current dazzling red one? In fact, the old Netflix logo was much dull and did not invoke Netflix’s creativity (something that garners the company’s applause from users and the audience today).

Netflix Tudum

NETFLIX has come a long way with its logo rebranding. In this blog, we will see the evolution of the Netflix logo through the years of its existence and how the revamped logo has helped Netflix occupy more market space.

Evolution of the Netflix Logo

The Netflix logo history is quite interesting, as it is not the same as the current one. Further, the evolution of the Netflix logo (to date) can be divided into four phases.

1997-2000: The Years of Dullness

The original Netflix logo was seemingly dull (if compared to the present ones). However, being born in the 90s, it was comprehensive and innovative.

The first logo has a gradient cinema reel, separating ‘Net’ and ‘Flix’. The inscription was a simple and capitalized letter within a thin black boundary. The reel was a mix of purple and black which connected with the letters.

2000-2014: Adding the Signature Red to Logo Palette

2000 was the year when Netflix adopted its signature red-black palette. Once it started getting good responses, it was about time to give a new look to the face of the company. The original logo was discarded and the new logo was designed in a red rectangular shape with placement of the inscription within.

In its second version, the Netflix logo was written in the form of a low arch and the font ‘sans serif’ was chosen. An inscription was done in white with a black shadow around it which gave the letters an enhanced look.

2014-2016: Adding the Signature Black to Logo Palette

However, in 2014, Netflix decided to go for a global rebranding. The company hired the design studio ‘Gretel’ in New York, where the specialist was asked to change the website design and modify the logo. It was then that the black shadow and the white sans serif were changed into a simple font—with the inscription created in red and placed on a white background for enhancement.

Several designers suggest that the font is based on the Gotham book. With the flexibility in UI designs, the background could be changed from white to black with the same inscription depending on the background or feature.

2016-Present: Coming of the Signature Red-Black Logo Palette

Till 2016, Netflix decided to go with its rebranded logo. In 2016, the Netflix logo got its present iconic look where the company decided to use the ‘N’ of ‘Netflix’ heavily and independently. Since then, the company has been implying the N to represent and be recognized as a company even at the start of the movies and series. The letter consists of wide lines in different shades of red and dissolves in several color lines while streaming.

According to Netflix representatives, the revamped Netflix logo reflects its compatibility for mobile applications and social networks. Currently, you can see the ‘N’ inscription on black and white backgrounds.

Timeline of the Netflix Logo

Timeline of the Netflix Logo


‘Netflix’ was inscribed with a ringlet that separated ‘Net’ and ‘Flix’ into two different words. The logo made it obvious that the company deals with media production.


Netflix written in red rectangular shape with placement of the inscription within and the word formed a low arch. The inscription was done in white with a black shadow for enhanced look.


The black shadow and white sans serif were replaced with a simple custom font. The inscription was created in red and placed on a white background for further enhancement.


The ‘N’ from ‘Netflix’ was used as the icon and inscribed in red. The letter consists of wide lines in different shades of red and dissolves in several color lines while streaming.


Popularly asked questions about Netflix Rebranding and the Netflix logo

1. Who designed the Netflix logo?

A New York-based design firm called ‘Gretel’ designed the first Netflix logo. The core visual metaphor for the new logo was a stack. According to Gretel, it conveys two ideas that are crucial for the Netflix service: an infinite catalog and custom-curated selections.

2. What is Netflix’s brand identity?

According to the design firm Gretel: “The new identity for Netflix revolves around the ‘stack,’ which is best imagined as a stack of cards all printed with some element of the entertainment company’s brand, like a character from one of its series or part of the red logo. A conceptual and visual thread to unify every touchpoint.

3. What is Netflix logo meaning?

The Netflix logo’s meaning isn’t straightforward but rather layered, conveyed through a combination of elements like color, typography, and subtle symbolism. The “N” as a ribbon: Interpreted as a flowing ribbon resembling film reels or theater curtains, further reinforcing the connection to cinema and entertainment. Bold and sans-serif font showcase modernity, professionalism, and accessibility.

4. Who is the person behind Netflix’s sonic sound (the iconic ‘tuddduum’)?

The man behind the iconic ‘tudum’ is Hans Zimmer, an award-winning German film score composer. Netflix expanded the short sonic logo (initially 0.4 seconds) into a longer extended version of 0.17 seconds. This probably reflects the fact the audience in a movie theater didn’t have enough time to react and plunge into the film, thus the sound of the Netflix sonic logo became more melodic and continuous. Moreover, the new version of the sound gained popularity and spread worldwide quickly.

5. Is it true that Netflix secretly changed its logo in 2016?

Yes, it is true. The company secretly changed its logo in 2016. People did not realize it until and unless Netflix disclosed the logo change in a tweet on 21 June 2016. The tweet read:

We are introducing a new element into our branding with an N icon. The current Netflix logo will still remain, and the icon will start to be incorporated into our mobile apps along with other product integrations in the near future.

6. Why did Netflix pick red for its logo?

Netflix chose the combination of red and white colors as a standard for its emblem. Red evokes passion, excitement, and energy, aligning with the feeling of immersing oneself in entertainment. White serves as a neutral background, making the red “Netflix” text stand out, symbolizing purity, clarity, and endless possibilities.

7. Which Netflix originals have won the Oscars and academy awards?

Below are 5 Netflix original movies that have bagged the Oscars, including the prestigious academy awards:

Roma (Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Foreign Language Film at 2019 Academy Awards)
American Factory (Best Documentary Feature at 2020 Academy Awards)
Two Distant Strangers (Best Live Action Short at Oscars 2021)
(Best Cinematography and Best Production Design at Oscars 2021)
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Costume Design at 2021 Academy Awards)

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