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The Top Casino Shows on Netflix

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It is no secret that casinos have long been a source of entertainment. It was not uncommon for men to head to the bookies or the local casino and women to head to a bingo hall. It was a way to socialize and, of course, you could take home a win!

Over time one of the things that happened is casinos moving to be more online – but the culture and the history are undeniable. The rich history of the casino and gambling, in general, is built into almost all countries – and, more importantly, goes from the very upper class to the working class and everyone in between.

Since casinos and gambling have been a part of history, you’ll find that there are often top-rated movies and shows that feature them. While they might not be the main running theme, they are likely to make an appearance.

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After all, what could be tenser than two lead characters facing off in a game of poker?

There is one thing for sure, though, it won’t take long after watching the characters in your favorite shows spinning roulette wheels or playing big poker hands before you’re checking out your local casino or skipping the queues and heading online to play. If you head online, be sure to find the best promotions available at Bonus Finder, you can visit their website here.

So where can you find the best casino scenes on Netflix?


A throwback for sure, but a classic is a classic for a reason! If you have already watched Seinfeld from start to finish, you’ll already know that Kramer’s love of gambling comes up often. For those who have never seen it, there is a lot to love about Seinfeld. Smart writing, interesting characters, and some storylines that will resonate.

To skip the casino scenes, there are a couple of episodes to check out:

  • The Subway in season 3
  • The Content in season four
  • The Diplomat’s Club in season 6
  • The Susie in season 8

Although you’ll find mentions and references littered throughout the entire show.

Peaky Blinders

In the very first episode of Peaky Blinders, you start at the inside of bookies (sports betting). People come to the Shelby’s to place bets on horse racing. The first season focuses on betting and rigging races is a hot topic too.

Peaky Blinders isn’t light-hearted often, and when it comes to gangs, mobs, fighting, shooting, and scheming, you have more than your fair share in this show.

While the Shelby’s already have a betting shop, they are looking to expand – and later, their estranged father arrives with the promise of opening a casino – and taking money from the eldest of the Shelby boys. It all comes crumbling down quickly – but as always, the leader Tommy has plans on plans on plans.


Ozark became an instant hit, a family forced from their home and into a money laundering operation. With plenty of action and a lot of heart, Ozark’s second season is built entirely around the family trying to open a casino.

The show has been given credit because while there are a lot of dodgy dealings happening, they go to great lengths to show just how difficult getting a casino off the ground really is.

Without giving away too many spoilers (for those who still haven’t watched it!), the casino is built – and while there is some gambling, it focuses more on the criminal underworld that surrounds the family. There are some interesting side stories too – that focus on how to move large amounts of cash through a casino.

Sneaky Pete

If you like shows that are more than a little grimy, then Sneaky Pete will be ideal for you. An ex-convict is the lead for this show, and of course, ex-convicts like this one hatch some wild plans.

We quickly find that Pete is not Pete; instead, it is his cellmate Marius Josipovic, who has a week to conjure up $100,000 to get his brother away from mobsters. The show itself isn’t as casino and gambling-focused as others – however(!) you will see the main character playing at a casino and hatch a plat for a heist at a Native American casino too.


How I Met Your Mother has more seasons than you’ll know what to do with – and you’ll follow the twists and turns until you finally learn the identity of the mother. Through all of the episodes, you will fall in love with the characters.

Although there isn’t a continual heavy focus on casinos and gambling, there are a couple of episodes dedicated to when Barney gets so into gambling that he starts playing a game that requires him to start speaking Mandarin!

There are a couple of other shows that have casino scenes or themes, like Las Vegas, Breaking Vegas, Give Us A Break, and Big Deal – so plenty to choose from!

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