Evelozcity rebrands as Canoo

Evelozcity rebrands as Canoo, offer cars by subscription.

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Canoo aims to develop automated driven cars in the future

Electric vehicle start-up Evelozcity, which has rebranded itself as Canoo will introduce four electric vehicle models in the next three years. The range of electric vehicles which will be offered by subscription will be controlled by human beings at present. Canoo aims to equip them with the required technology so that they would be autonomous vehicles in the future.

Launch of a four model range of electric vehicles

Canoo plans to launch a four-model range which will not only include separate EV models for personal commuter and lifestyle but also commercial vehicles meant for ride and delivery services. The company will also work on unique designs for its vehicles. The first car which will be launched by Canoo in 2021 would be a lifestyle vehicle with a simple design and maximizes interior space. This personal lifestyle commuter vehicle will offer the interior space of a large SUV in the footprint of a compact car. Each vehicle will use a skateboard platform on its revolutionary vehicle, which will allow the company to put any cabin on top on the car.,Canoo’s  platform will design its cars in a modern way where the entire carriage will be open and will create new dimensions of space inside the vehicle.

Offering a flexible subscription model for its cars

Canoo has not shared specific pricing plans for its vehicles at the moment but there will be flexible subscriptions. It will offer a variety of subscriptions plans for different durations. Canoo’s subscription sales model will help drivers release themselves from ownership, bundling service, insurance, registration and move into one subscription package. After returning the electric car, Customers would have to part with an annual fee that covers administrative expenses and the on-boarding process which would be cheaper than two months lease of an electric vehicle.

Stefan Krause, CEO of Canno stated, “There will be no set date. You could take it for one month or take it for 10 years.” Furthermore, he added, “We are basically completely open ended. I want customers to try it, and after two months they decide it’s not for them, then they just return the car.”



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