Enlighted is Picked to Provide IoT solutions for EIR Healthcare

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The initiative is to digitize the building

EIR Healthcare, the firm that is known for its modular innovation and won an award in the field of healthcare introducing efficient industrial practices. The company has forged a partnership with Enlighted allowing the healthcare, real estate, and hospitality to use these amazing services. Enlighted is one of the major enablers of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the healthcare sector. EIR Healthcare will use the technology from Enlighted to digitize premises.

The IoT system of Enlighted makes a sensory system through smart sensors equally spread along with lighting equipment. These fixtures are the perfect bearer of IoT sensors, which are put in place to capture granular data. The sensors are pretty capable of capturing data and availing information that makes the decision making and taking action easier.

By incorporating technologies of Enlighted, EIR Healthcare will bring its facilities to the modern standard. The advanced lighting control, space utilization and real-time location services applications will make its plan come to conclusion by integrating all its facilities with future tech.

Better service with greater technology

Grant Geiger, CEO of EIR Healthcare said, “Building a smart hospital doesn’t mean incorporating IoT technology haphazardly. With MedModular, we are looking to integrate innovation into our manufacturing process that will help hospitals improve patient outcomes, from the construction design conception to day-to-day operations.

The alliance between EIR and Enlighted comes after the healthcare firm decided to incorporate the latest technology to improve the services of its hospital. IoT sensors, patient monitor and enhancing connectivity to electronic health records are just a few improvements that will be brought to EIR with this latest collaboration.

Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted said, “Together with EIR Healthcare, we are driving innovation into the design and operation of healthcare facilities. The Enlighted IoT platform



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