EdCast AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud

EdCast developed AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud for Microsoft Teams

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Edcast introduces new learning technology for Microsoft teams which is called EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud.

The EdCast AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud for Personalized Learning application provides handling of information and resources. It also gives the most relevant data for processing, identification, and technology for learning to Microsoft Teams users. The EdCast application has successfully finished a set of defined tests to approve its compatibility and security.

One-click access to requested knowledge

The EdCast application integration allows all Microsoft Teams’ users to gain one-click access to requested knowledge. Microsoft can use Knowledge Cloud to gather information, content and tools which will help sales people sell more effectively. It administers training for new technologies for workers which are needed by an organization to work with Microsoft Teams. It is utilized by 120 million individuals around the globe as a component of the Office 365 suite.

Karl Mehta, the Founder and CEO of EdCast, stated, “Now that EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud is available to all Microsoft Teams users with just a few clicks, millions of people can access valuable learning and insights directly in the flow of work”.

Further, he adds, “Our strategic focus on delivering the best knowledge-sharing solutions through a multi-channel approach reinforces the work we’ve done to make EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud app widely available, including in the AppSource marketplace for Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 productivity tools.”

Key features of EdCast application for Microsoft Teams:

Easy and unified content search

It searches for suitable content from known sources through an integrated search engine covering all of users’ content sources (internal, external, paid, user-generated, and more). It also provides the daily personalized recommendations based on a user’s interests, activity, and job title delivered automatically. Also, it enables users to discover the latest and greatest content in theme-focused channels that user choose to follow.

AI-Powered application

The user can get the personalized materials gathered by exclusive AI, from all internal, external, paid and subject matter expert content from sources. Additionally, it provides security and privacy controls for enterprise work. Users can listen and acknowledge the concerns, opinions, and ideas of different groups.

Customizations with analytics

It is personalized for the individual requirements of apprentices. It provides advanced reports to assess and measure performance, manage certifications, and empower flexible learning. Moreover, as a part of EdCast’s learning marketplace, the publishers can get paid content and products at a low price.






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